February 7, 2010

Urban Decay Master Class Event @ Sephora Ion

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Hey Everyone,

So for all of you who didn’ t get a chance to attend the Urban Decay Master Class Event @ Sephora Ion, this is probably the blog post for you. I had a wonderful time and I must say that if Eric Jimenez had a youtube channel, I would definitely hit the subscribe button :) If you are unfamiliar with the promo that occured for this master class event, you had to pay a $75 voucher that was fully redeemable for urban decay products to attend his class. Unfortunately, the current sales assistant who answered my question about receiving the travel kit if I redeemed two products was wrong, and if I had bought an additional two items only then could I receive the travel kit. However, I have this silly urge to go back to sephora and get myself some single eyeshadows to add to my collection!

Some tips and facts that I learned from the event:

  1. Urban Decay products are totally vegan – Eric Jimenez actually said that we can chew on the pencils if we ever get hungry and its totally safe
  2. The powders and concealers contain microsponges to absorb oil and reduce acne
  3. The lipsticks have hydraulic bubbles or something like that that inject moisture into dry lips
  4. You can use the eye pencils to define your crease and not just eyeshadow
  5. The eye shadows have minimal “binders and fillers” and are closest to true pigments across all make-up brands.. Binders and fillers are what makes eye-shadow fade quickly and you can apply the shadows on top of each other without losing color to create dimension.




And because I was already familiar with make-up application, thats really about all that I learnt. He showed us how to apply eye-shadow, concealer, powder and lipstick. A little query I had about the 24/7 liners were that they were waterproof but he still went ahead and applied them on the waterline which we know should be harmful to our eyes. He um, sort of answered my question? That they had other vitamins and jojaba oil that should be alright for the waterline. Hm. :)  So I got some 24/7 liners for my water line and tight line too because I know these pencils are crazy good and I use that eye-technique..well 24/7. Lovely showout to Jasmine (xbeanie) who came with me to this event, wuv you! we had japanese curry after, soo good. haha
So what about the set-up @ Sephora?

Absolutely beautiful, the moment I stepped in, it looked like and Urban Decay dream workshop, you’ll see from the following plog(?) below haha picture blog:

the beautiful set-up created at Sephora Ion :)
An array of all the Urban Decay Products available at Sephora Now..except oo lookie here ..the Alice in Wonderland Palette in the far corner!
I came early so it looked quite empty!
Eric Jimenez and the model – not sure what he’s talking about here :P
Thought it looked amazing on her when he added the bronzer as a blush!
UD Alice in Wonderland Palette – I want this so badly – its sold out everywhere and ebay has it for at least $150 :(
*sobs at how stunning it is and how I can’t get my hands on it because I’ll be in Aussie when it comes to Singapore. OMG.
I’m really going to go in a corner and cry now.
Ok I’m back – dried my tears and I’m moving on! :( Let’s be content with what we already have alright? :) So what was in the goodie bag?
Honestly, not much:
1. 2 Urban Decay Pocket Gloss Samples – I have to say this smells SOO GOOD, it wins the award of best smelling lipgloss – yummy, buttery caramel popcorn!!
2. Pore Perfecting Primer Sample – goes on quite thick and very similar to smashbox which broke me out :(
3. 2 Urban decay pencils in sample size of Stash and Rockstar (yay! more 24/7 liners!!)
4. Sample size mini lipstick in GASH :)
So cute right?:
And from the $75 dollar voucher:
Ok I admit, I initially wanted/said that I was going to get the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, BUT :) I figured that if I already had the MAC Prep and Prime Eye which conceals already, I didn’t need to buy it and I’ve been buying so much lately! So of course I had to get the classic – Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and two much wanted 24/7 Liners. I really like 24/7 liners they seriously don’t smudge and I swatched a couple yesterday for the video and I swear I rubbed like no other in the shower, well guess what, its ghost image is still on my hand. great. NO actually, really great – smudge proof pencils! I want more.
Overall, fantastic event, I even got to snap a picture with Eric himself and I gave him my namecard tehe.
Watch the video! I think it may be a little faster than looking at all this haha :) Hope this helped you out!
www.youtube.com/roseannetangrs – support and subscribe!

P.S: Something is wrong with the system because I don’t know why everything is bold! sorry!

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