3 Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Make-Up!

Hey Everyone!

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I hope you’re having a great weekend! With the new year, I think now is a great time to spring clean our makeup collection. This keeps our expired make-up in the bin and totally room ready for whatever is on our make-up wishlist! Besides getting our bins ready here are a few of my tips to keeping your collections tidy.

1. Sort out your make-up

When it’s time to take my collection for a little clean through, I begin sorting my make-up. I have one pile for blushes, foundations, lipsticks etc and the last pile will be for make-up I can’t use anymore. It’s sort of like when Sarah Jessica Parker sorts out her clothes when she needs to move in Sex and the City. This sorting process will help tell you what you have, don’t have and even… what you’re missing ( I still can’t find my Naked2 palette :/ ). Once you have sorted everything out, why not grab a couple of organisers and put them in your drawers. I use drawer organisers from Ikea and they work fine. You can even go eco-friendly and diy it using egg cartons and painting over old cereal boxes.

2. Sharpen your pencils & Give it a wipe

Before you plop them into your organisers, be sure to give your makeup a little wipe. That sounds a little impossible for some types of make-up, but just get an antibacterial wet wipe or facial makeup remover wipe and clean up foundation splatters, lipstick smudges and powder poofs. Wipe the packaging and set it aside, you will be suprised how great your make-up used to look! You can also sharpen all your lip and eye pencils to take the old coating off and they are basically brand new after that. If you are super clean and are not sure what to do with your powders, there are actually antisceptic sprays for that but I think it’s alright if you’re the only one using the make-up.

3. Know your makeup expiration dates

This is probably the most important when it comes to spring cleaning your make-up so I found a total run down of the numbers in this little graphic created by Elle Magazine that pretty much sums it up!


Powder products last longer that cream products usually. Blush and eyeshadow last about 2 years while lipstick and eyeliner last about 1 year. Mascara lasts at max 3-6 months.

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