Quick Fav: Philosophy Eternal Grace Perfume

Hey Everyone!

eternal grace

I remember when I was sitting in class back in High School and almost every single friend of mine would ask what I was wearing. It was my beloved ZARA perfume I got in Dubai when I was 15 and it was my very first. My Dad gave me holiday money (score!) and I ended up getting my first concealer from The Body Shop and my first perfume from..Zara. You can tell that I was totally not a clothes kinda girl from the start. Anyway Zara discontinued it and I’ve been on the hunt for something similar for a very long time.

It was in London when the Philosophy Eternal Grace perfume and I first met. It was a long day trying to find the boyfriend a Christmas present making my way through Selfridges and I ended up in the beauty hall across the candy aisle. Amongst other cult favourites stood Philosophy and looking at the popularity of Grace, I decided to give all three a whiff. Eternal Grace was clean, crisp, subtle, sweet and charming. It smelled just like my Zara perfume when I was 15. I was overjoyed! But I didn’t buy it that day and I regretted it ever since so when I saw it at the Philosophy counter in Singapore, I handed over the mooh-lah in an instant. I have no regrets despite adding yet another perfume to my collection. It is the perfect citrusy floral scent for everyday and smells amazing. You have no idea. It’s seriously a must-have, a long lost love now found and my favourite.

Scent Profile: Bergamot, citrus, neroli, geranium, lavender, violet, passion fruit, musk and amber.

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