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Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year again. It’s that time to whip out the folders, pens and put our thinking caps on for back to school. Although the morning bus won’t be driving by my house anytime soon (or ever), I thought I might do a great make-up look you can do for back to school! I asked you all on my facebook page ( what make-up look you wanted me to do next and most of you raised your hands to a picture day and school look. I also have FOUR Maybelline Back To School Goodie Bags full of great make-up products (shown above) so at the end of this post, find out how you can win your very own!

When I was in school, I barely wore make-up until high school. Maybe just a bit of lip gloss and eye-liner and a dusting of powder. Nothing too theatrical, or made-up. And I think that’s what we want when it comes to an everyday look for school. Natural, but still able to enhance our features. That’s why I’m using the Maybelline BB Instant Skin Smoother Foaming BB Cream for my face. I find that these new foaming foundations are actually rockin’ when it comes to that natural skin look above all other things I’ve tried. Then, I applied a powder (the Rachel K CC Mineral Pressed Powder) on my oily spots, contoured with the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny and applied a bright matte blush like the M.A.C Pink Swoon!

For eyes, I made it even more idiot-proof. All you really need for eye-shadow (especially if you’re starting out) is two eyeshadows. One lighter as your base shade and one darker. I used the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Quad to do this and applied a shimmery peach as my base and a sandy shimmery brown to my outer corners. I then finished off with my all time favourite liner – the Covergirl Liquid Line Blast and mascara – the Maybelline Magnum Volum Express! At school, I’m not a fan of lip glosses and lipsticks for this tutorial, go natural with a lip balm. I love the Maybelline Baby Lips, it is awesome!

Giveaway Directions —>

Now you’re probably wondering, ok now how do I win all this stuff? Maybelline was kind enough to hand over these goodie bags to me and now I’m handing it over to you!

1. Go to my facebook page:

2. Find this picture on my facebook page:

3. Share the picture and tell me what your school goals are for this year and your email address so that I can contact you! Is it to get good grades? Be more confident? I want to know! Get your entry in by September 15, 2012!

4. The winner will be picked when the giveaway ends and will be based on your effort that you put in the entry. I think it’s only fair!

If you don’t have facebook or don’t want to use it, just simply comment in the comment section below of this blog post! I’ll add it in when it comes time to pick a winner! There are four goodie bags to give away so I’m picking four winners. I wish you the best of luck this coming school year. You can do it if you work hard at it, always. That’s one of the lessons I learnt at school.

Good Luck!




  • helen park

    please enter me for your giveaway. i just recently found your blog and loving it since i’m new to make up even though im 27, thanks!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    My goal for the end of this year IS to get BACK in school. Due to health issues I only graduated high school years back, now I want to pursue a career. Unfortunately I haven’t decided what. I atleast want to start my basics. I want to boost up my confidence by changing up my everyday look of just mascara. Thank you so much for this opportunity…

    • Elizabeth

      Sorry I forgot to add that I am sharing the picture on my fb… just decided to leave the personal stuff here.. thank you once again

  • helen park

    ok so i just read your full post on asking what my goals are:
    im currently in grad school for nurse practitioner, while i work full time as a icu nurse.
    my goal is to feel more confident in my looks my learning how to take care of my skin and apply makeup properly, growing up i never put on makeup, i was the only girl in the family besides my mom who wears no makeup at all, currently i am dealing with acne at the age of 27, learning slowly the basics of makeup by finding pages like yours, i try to watch alot of tutorials but i feel hopeless doing the makeup tutorial, my makeup never looks like the tutorials =(
    i believe if i feel more confident within, i will display confidence at work and school. thanks for listening.
    ahhhhhh i hope i win!

  • Rhoe Cortez

    My goal this semester is to be an overall good student, which I define as studious, gregarious, and healthy (physical,emotional and mental aspects).This is my fifth year in college and I’ve learned tons along the way about balancing all of these aspects.I feel like as I continue through my college career I grow closer to being the woman I want to be which possesses all of the above traits.This semester I’ll focus on being studious by limiting my time online (facebook/twitter addict here…hehe) and instead focusing on my relationships in my classes and at work.Doing so will also help me fulfill my goal of being gregarious.As a naive freshman in college I would stay up late into the mornings to finish my work and sit around like a fat lard when I wasn’t studying.I’m slowly straying from this habit.This semester I want to get back into karate or work out at least three times a week.

    Sounds like a very daunting semester but I know that even if I take small steps, it’ll be one big step towards my personal growth:)

  • Noyeon

    Hii!! Thank you for the giveaway! :) This year, I won’t go back to school since I don’t know what I want to study for now… But I wish I could travel instead!! And then maybe I’ll be able to get to know myself better and figure out the best school and program for me!!

  • Catherine

    Developing discipline to revise what I had learn every night before I head to bed. Improving my english every single day by reading up a book every month. And of course winning this goodie bag gift away so that I could look pretty and get to widen up my social circle and have a great fun enjoyable time in school!

  • Yuka

    Goals would be to survive the 4th year of pharmacy school. It’s supposedly the hardest year in the program, after that the workload just carries on but you’re used to it by then.

    I also would like to continue on with my time management skills. It’s hard being in a relationship while you’re a student. Sometimes you feel like you want to study all day to ensure that A, but at the same time you don’t want to leave your bf hanging or make him feel like you don’t care about him. There’s only so many weekends you really can avoid hanging out before he’ll question your worth on him. Ideally, he should understand and be supportive of you in working hard…but you know in your heart that life is about balance. It’s not about being a hermit and spending 24/7 studying. This was one of the fundamental lessons I learnt last year and I hope I can continue following it this year. You surprisingly can earn A’s, get a boyfriend, network, and make friends without studying 24/7–the trick is to study smartly and hit the books early!

    Thirdly, I want to be stronger emotionally. I want to be less affected by what other people say and how other people treat me. I want to be less of a cry baby. I want to improve in voicing my emotions when someone hurts me. I want to be more comfortable in saying no. It sure is hard being a people pleaser and staying true to your heart.

  • Jiyoung Seo

    Hi Roseanne! i wanna let you know that i am a huge fan of you! now i am back in Singapore for school i wouldnt say the name of the school cuz of my personal info but i love my school and im really glad that i got a chance to come to this wonderful country. you are my favorite makeup guru and also my idol. you help me a lot by giving me tips for not just makeup but also for my daily life. i really enjoyed watching your college tips video!:) even if i dont win this giveaway, i just want you to know that there are thousands of people out there who wait for your videos everyday and have been inspired by you! so keep your head up and continue your journey!
    SO my goal for this school year which is my 2nd year in college, i want to do my best in school so i can get scholorship. i want my parents to feel less stressed so i wanna get a scholarship and have them spend their money for thenselves like traveling or at least doing something they enjoy other than their work. i know it is going to be a one hard journey for me. but like that picture you posted on your page, people work hard will achieve their goals. so wish me luck, Roseanne!:)

  • kristy

    one of my biggest goals is to be more sociable. as an international student, i’ve been finding it hard to mix around with the local students because they already have their cliques. definitely want to be more confident and out-spoken. (:

  • Tericia Lee

    My goal is to graduate next year with a cgpa of 3.2 and above. I’m not a bright student, but I’m really trying my best to finish my studies and work to help my parents out..They’ve been sacrificing so much for me, its time for me to give them back what they deserve..

  • Sharly

    My goal for school this year, is to really work really hard and achieve good results. Since, I didn’t do well last year. Also, my another goal for school this year, is to treat my peers, just anyone nicer. I just want to treat people nicer because, people treat you, the way you treat them. So if you want to get treated well by others, you have to treat them well first. I hope I win this giveaway! Need those items as I just started on makeup. (:

  • Jan S

    Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to have a good balance of work and play this year :)

  • Zara

    My school goals for this year are to place first in at least one subject and graduate with no regrets!

  • Mellella

    I’d love to be entered into your giveaway! I am taking a gap year so I won’t be in school……buuuut my goal is to really make connections with people and form lifelong friendships!

  • Andrea

    Hi, Roseanne!

    My goals for this school year are to get good grades and to be more outgoing! The course I’m in is considered quite challenging, and I need at least a 3.9 GPA to get into university in this course. So far school’s been alright, lots of projects and stuff but nothing too crazy. Also, since it’s a new school year, I hope to be more outgoing and make new friends. I was always quite a shy person, and this has caused me to be seen as unfriendly even though I’m not, I swear! But anyway, I’d just like to thank you for having this giveaway!

  • Merel

    Please enter me for your giveaway! I hope its not Australia only :P I’m going into my senior year this year and i want to do really well on my final exams so that I will be admitted to my first choice university, Kings College in London, and I would love to be able to try out these make up products so that I can have a make up routine by the time I leave for London! I also hope that wearing make up will make me more confident! <3 <3

  • Sheri


    My goal this year is not just to get good grades and make my parents proud, but also to find out what I want to do in life, what direction to take for my future. I’m in Year 11 currently and in two years I’ll be in Uni. I vaguely know I want to go into journalism or english and languages but am still uncertain about my future and it seems like everyone’s pressuring me to figure it out fast. I haven’t been very motivated recently and my grades have slipped but that was because before, I didn’t have goals or something to work towards and I was just lost. Now I know I have to figure out what I want first and to get into a good course in Uni with good Year 12 results to help me, and this will enable me to get a good career in the future and make my family proud.


  • Nancy

    Hey Rosanne!!! just wanted to tell you my goals for school this year is to try and talk less so I can get more work done, try and get through the whole year because school can be tiring and figure out what uni I want to go into because it’s coming so I have to make that decision :) thank you for this giveaway Rosanne I have been following you for a long time you are the only Australian/Melbournian guru I listen to and it was soo sad that you left Melbourne anyways I don’t know what the website part is asking me so I put my blog :S byebyee ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Margrethe

    My school goals for this year are to be more confident in myself, and hopefully also improve my grades. I want to be more confident in how I look, and I think that if I feel pretty (some more makeup than just mascara) I’ll also get more confident. I love your site; it gives me great makeup advice! And I would be really happy if I won, it would be everything I need for a prettier looking face! :)

  • Merryn

    my goal for this year is to get a good enough atar to get into psych/criminology as it is my passion! i am currently studying year 12 and really want to do well. thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Erica

    My school goal is to achieve higher GPA in my polytechnic!

  • Annabelle Tong

    i hope to really be motivated and get really good grades so that i could be in the profession that i really want to!

  • tracy

    My school goal this tym is to get As!!!!as much as possible!! I love this giveaway plz pick me :)

  • Savina Hwang

    hey! please enter meinto your giveaway! i love maybelline and since ive never seen those products in Australia, i would be so blessed to win!
    im just starting my makeup collection and even though im asian i havent even used 1 bb cream :) haha
    hope i win, thanks! <3

  • Erica Chung

    I want to start attending my lectures so when it comes to exam time, I wont have to cram as badly.

  • Sarah Bierhorst

    When i get back to school, i want to be more disciplined with my work and more organized so i can get things done faster and have more time to do other things.

  • Melissa

    My goal for this school year is to get healthier so that I can do better in school. Last year was a disaster, it was one thing after the other so I really want to focus on getting healthier so I don’t miss so much school! Another goal is to get better grades, my grades aren’t that bad but I’d still like to get them a little higher! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • claire

    it’s my last year of university, so getting good grades for graduation :)

  • Kelly N

    “What is you school goal for this year?”

    – My school goal for this year is to be more social, all my friends have left to different schools and i’m like a loner. I am quite social but new peeps make me awkward as hell! My another goal is study, study study but yeahh…i hope i’ll get some good grades and nice friends!
    Thank you and Maybelline for this awesome giveaway!
    Kelly :)

  • Cherie Chang

    My school goal for this year is to forge strong bonds with my school mates so I can still meet them many years down the road and continue sharing our lives together, get kickass results to get into my university of choice and to play hard, work hard! (:

  • jolene

    For the next semester of school (last semester) I hope will be able to forge more solid friendships among my peers.even though studies are important, I hope to end this last part of my education on a high more and to look back.

  • Joyeetargh

    My goal is to graduate. Personal problems have stopped me from graduating quicker but as this is my last semester I just want to put in a 110% and graduate so I can have at least one thing I am proud of :)

  • Nastassja L.

    I just spotted your blog (btw it’s amazing!) and wanted to enter your giveaway. My school goal, since I am still in highschool and an incoming junior, I want to pass my year with a 4.0 gpa in order to win a scholarship for university, but there is another school goal I want to accomplish. I want to change my style in order to fit in better in school, and become more confident. And I think i can achieve both of my goals if I plan well and look at many makeup and style tutorials (yeah, I’m new to the world of fashion, and makeup). Those are my school goals, and I’m hoping to be able to fit in (and look) better than I did my previous years, while also maintaining my grades to attend the university of my dreams, which is Stanford (:

  • Fiqah

    My Goal for this year is that to passed my exams for end of year and get to promote to a great class next year (:
    Although my friends are all in relationships well i dont mind them but i really want to lose some weight this year and look beautiful just the way i am . Lastly i just want to thank you for this giveaway (:

  • shannon

    My goals for this year are to go to school! I’m going into year 10, and I haven’t been in “regular” school since year six! Because of my chronic pain condition, and eating disorder, and bullying i’v been living in the hospital. so this september I’m making a “fresh” start!
    shannon recently posted..IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Yesterday my friend made a Jew jokE AND SHE…My Profile

  • Faith

    My goal for my final school year this year is to savour and enjoy it as much as possible. Looking good for school with some Maybelline makeup is certainly going to help! ;)

    I hope to be able to say for sure what I want to do after my studies. I’m excited that the rest of my life is up to my choice and right in front of me!

  • wenny

    my main school goal of the year is to score ace my Alevel like literally all As. i have realised too late that my testimonial and co-curriculum activities are going to be too little for me to get into medicine course in NUS. that’s partly because i wasnt clear where i am going to be headed in the future and i was feeling rebellious and depressed in my J1 that i committed truancy too many times. now i can only rely on my Alevel cert and participate in activities to improve my testimonial after Alvl. those moments of foolishness in J1 really have become a burden for me and now i have to work extra harder to realise my dreams.

  • Kaori L.

    My ultimate goal in school this year is to get all A’s for my A-levels. I know this is a goal which most people in JC have; but, it’s really important for me to get all A’s so I will be eligible for a scholarship and not burden my parents with student loans or other debts just because of school fees.

    Hope to win! :) Thanks for inspiring all of us to feel confident in our ow skin and making the best of what we have! :D Love your blog! :)

  • Breanna Trowbridge

    My school goals are to be more confident in myself. i definetly lack confidence. I recently before summer lost my best friend. Since then things have definetly changed for me. I am not as happy anymore. I am also going to school with none of my friends in my lunch or classes
    Breanna Trowbridge recently posted..All Above Random 4~ CoverMy Profile

  • sarah

    Hey in new to makeup and think that kit is amazing! My goal this year is to get straight A’s! Please enter me

  • sarah

    My goal this year is to get all A’s! Please enter me

  • sarah

    My goal this year is to get all A’s! I’m new to make up and this is an amazing kit hope I win:) please enter me:)

  • patricia

    My school goals are to have more confidence and be braver. I’m tired of being scared to stick up for myself

  • sarah

    I really love this kit I hope I win. Thanks so much for everything

  • sarah

    Pleaseenter me I really like this kit and I’m new to makeup and this would help!!!:)

  • sarah

    I’m new to makeup and this kit will really help please enter me thanks

  • Connie

    My school goals for this year is to become a more well-rounded student by balancing a job, clubs, internships, classes, and studying. Additionally, I hope to attain amazing exam and grade results from my hours of dedicated study time that I will put in all the while looking my best with (hopefully) this beauty giveaway! Thank you for this giveaway, Roseanne! I feel that makeup/beauty really does boost up my confidence to do well in school/work and you combining the two aspects of beauty and school highlights an idea that is strong to my personal self.
    I didn’t enter anything on facebook, please add me from here!

  • Jane Cyres

    I’d love to win because…never tried putting on making up on my face since I can’t afford them. Since it’s school time. I like to have a new character and atleast enjoy school even just for one semestral -__-

  • Mhay

    Please enter me~!
    My goal is to find what I want to do and where I live there are limitations to what we can learn due to the lack of professors that specialize in that subject, so it’s quite hard trying to find a variety of careers. So, my goal is to get an idea what I want to major in before I finish all my requirements.

  • winner

    Winner is?

  • winner

    who is the winner?

  • HT

    My school goal this year is to get a job before graduation! It’s coming really soon so all these products will definitely help me look presentable for interviews and for work! :)

    Thanks for this giveaway!

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