Top 4 Must Know Online Make-Up Websites & Tools

Hey Everyone!

Little do we know, there’s a bunch of awesome tools online that can help us explore more about make-up besides catching up on your favorite blogs and youtube channels. Here’s a list of my favorite make-up related websites that not only can show you what make-up works best for you, but also how to get that shade you need even before walking into a store (and even in the comfort of your own home).

1. Makeupbee (

Makeupbee is something a little new. It was first introduced to me by a good friend in it’s early stages but it has grown into a whole (and pretty awesome) makeup community. If you hate clicking multiple links just to look at really cool makeup looks created by people just like you and me, then you will love makeupbee. On makeupbee, you can create a profile, upload the looks that you’ve done yourself, put up the products you used in the look, and share it with the rest of the makeup bees in the community. You can comment and like other looks and if you like a certain look in particular you can see just what products they used.

It’s an amazing community that allows you to discover new makeup looks (not to mention great inspiration), enter competitions, browse products and more. I am in love with this site,  and I absolutely love scouting for new inspiration just by scrolling. Plus, everyone on there is like a super pro make-up artist, the looks are to-die-for!

2. Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix ( )

This is an absolutely useful tool for anyone who needs to find their shade in something. I get those questions all the time in YouTube comments. But let’s face it honey, I have never seen you in real life, there is no way I know what shade you are, not to mention even what you look like.

So, I end up always directing you to this baby. Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix is pure awesomeness. Once you know your foundation shade in M.A.C (which is easy because you just need to go to the counter and ask), you can easily find your tone – I’m a Medium – just hover over the selection and you can easily see what you are.

Then, you can go to the matrix and find out the brand and type of foundation to get a general idea of what shade you are.

It’s great for a general idea but make sure you check it at the store in case.

3. Makeupalley (

I’m pretty sure everyone who is into make-up is familiar with Makeup Alley to find out what people are thinking about a particular product. It’s sort of like Urban Spoon for make-up.

You can look up a certain product and see a general rating and a bunch of reviews for that product and what people are thinking about it. It’s pretty useful if you have no idea if what you want is actually good or bad.

I always use this to find my foundation shade. Knowing your M.A.C shade is like knowing a universal language in make-up. Because people seem to always put what shade they are and what shade they are in M.A.C (as comparison), to find say my shade in a L’Oreal foundation, I just put it the name of the foundation, my M.A.C Shade (in this case NC30) into Google and find the make-up alley search results to scout out what I am in the L’Oreal foundation I want.

Like this:

and then search for your M.A.C shade:

So there you have it, W4 is your answer!

4. O.P.I Nail Studio (

Have you ever wondered if you could have a virtual nail wheel? That way you would know which nail polish colors look good and which colors are better left not whipping out over twenty bucks for. Well, the OPI Nail Studio online is pretty handy just for this reason. You get to scroll to pick your skin color and even your nail length and have a fun time clicking on different nail polish names or checking out the specific one you want to get. Pretty handy.

So there you have it! My top 4 online make-up websites & tools! Hope you enjoyed it :) I gotta go and study for my last few exams now :)

If you have any other websites up your sleeve, feel free to comment. Feel free to comment if you feel like commenting anyway. I’ll definitely read and reply!