What are my Favourite Makeup Brands?

Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I might blog about something quite special to my heart – my favourite makeup brands and why. Being a beauty blogger means trying out a myriad of products – bought and sponsored – but I have to say these brands that I’ll list out below have got to be some of my favourites. It’s not only the quality of products that enable them to make it to this list, it’s also the association of their brand but most of all a special resonating ring that it has in my heart when I purchase one of their products that no other brand can strike a chord with. Call it a brand review, call it anything. Let’s get started!

* P.S: I’ve also listed hits and misses from each brand. Click on the colored links for full reviews or related posts!

1. Bobbi Brown

If I were to ever emulate or work for any brand, I would have to say that Bobbi Brown’s values and image would make us very like minded individuals. I absolutely love the pretty and powerful phrase and you’ve probably seen me quoting her more than once. The use of real women, the books that she writes, the whole package is beautiful. I have tried only some of their products (eyeshadow palette, gel liner, shimmer brick, skin foundation) and there were a few hits and misses but for some reason, it will always be in a special place in my heart.

Go Get the:

– The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (MUST buy)
– Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
– Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Forget the:

– Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
– Bobbi Brown Pastel Eyeshadow Palette

2. M.A.C

I’m sure MAC, despite their attitude sales assistants, will always have a massive following of diehard MAC fans. I wouldn’t say that I’m a current diehard fan, but I pretty much was. I remember even the sales assistant telling me that my collection was big enough probably. First of all, why would you tell me that. Second of all, I’m sure they train people with the MAC attitude, a rolling eyes gif probably wouldn’t suffice. Because of that, I’m not a diehard MAC fan anymore but I do remember my glory days well and the massive amount of money I put into their systems at one time. They have good quality products and aren’t as expensive as other brands like Bobbi Brown and Chanel so I thought I might put it here, in almost loving memory.

Go Get the:

– MAC Sheertone Blushes (3)
 MAC Studio Finish Concealer (re-purchased)
– MAC  Brushes – all of them. I have 8 MAC brushes. I know, I have a problem. (hopefully NEVER have to re-purchase)
– MAC Blot Powder (re-purchased 2x)
– MAC MSF Natural (re-purchased 3 times)
– MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (re-purchased)
– MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack (really good for water line)
– MAC liquidline

Forget the:

– MAC Lipsticks ( I have 12, why. Blinded by my love for MAC ex-)
– MAC Lipglasses
– MAC Lip Primer
– MAC Mascaras
– MAC Brush Cleaner
– MAC Fix+

3. Maybelline

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. It has probably the best line of foundations and I like the whole “Maybe it’s Maybelline” image that they have. They have quality products, mainly I am in love with their foundations, and their products are innovative and appealing. Plus, the price ain’t bad either! When someone asks me to recommend to them a drugstore brand, I do always find myself mentioning Maybelline. My first ever foundation was from Maybelline, the Maybelline Angellift (only available in Asia). Good times.

Go Get the:

– Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation
– Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
– Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
– Maybelline Lipsticks
– Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
– Maybelline Palettes
– Maybelline Pulse Mascara

Forget the:

–  Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara
–  Maybelline Last Stiletto (not bad, but not that great either)

4. Wet N’ Wild

There is only one reason that Wet N’ Wild has made it to this list. Only one. And that reason is the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon palettes. Since that palette is like crazily awesome, the brand is automatically crazily awesome. You have to get this palette. The eye-shadows are some of the best eyeshadows I have ever touched in my life. I have used it in a couple of tutorials so you can see the beauty of it but hopefully it does it justice. It’s the kind of eyeshadows that when you touch the shadow and you just know. You just know from the magical mystical makeup place inside you, you know it’s the bomb. It’s a hit for sure, it’s a major hit. Plus I have tried their blushes and I like. And they’re cheap.

5. Urban Decay

Ever since it landed in Sephora Singapore, I’ve been lover of it. It has been my part-time muse. First of all, the eyeshadow quality is amazing. Second of all, who couldn’t resist the allure of the Naked palette and their book of shadows. No one! And they are going to launch their fourth book of shadows – it apparently has portable speakers and get the look tutorials. I’m really excited. Oh, no. The only downside I think are those really chunky monkey shadows with way too much fallout. I still need to get my fallout be gone tricks right. Who couldn’t go without their trusty Urban Decay primer potion, no really.

Go Get the:

– Naked Palette
– Urban Decay Book of Shadows palettes
– Urban Decay Lipsticks
– Urban Decay lipglosses smell like melted butter, omg. Plus they have hot men on them!
– Urban Decay Primer Potion (Must Get)
– Urban Decay 24/7 Liners – good eye bases as well when smudged out!

Forget the:

– Urban Decay Makeup Remover
– Urban Decay Pore Perfection Primer (It’s not bad, but you can just do without)

Some of my other favourites: Rimmel (Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, Nailpolishes, Lipsticks, Glameyes Mascara), Everyday Minerals (Bases, Intensive Concealer), Smashbox (Foundation Brush, Blush, Bionic Mascara), YSL (Rouge Volupte, Brow Pencil, Touche Eclat), Chanel (Rougue Allure),  Rachel K (Rachel K CC Cream, Lip Plumper in Suggestive), Benefit (Hoola, Dandelion), Majolica Majora Frame Plus Mascara, ZA Concealer

And Who doesn’t love NARS? Nars Blushes ROCK!

And there you have it! My favourite makeup brands that I find myself repeating over and over again. Listing out those products has really made me look like a product junkie. *blush*.

What is your favourite makeup brand?