Top 5 Weird Beauty Trends that Only Lady Gaga Might Love

Hey Everyone!

The world of beauty can be a little crazy. Sometimes, it goes beyond crazy rainbow lashes from Shu Uemura or sci-fi theater effects into current trends like these which I found quite interesting to share. I don’t suggest you wear these out because you’ll probably gain more than a few weird stares but if you’re like Lady Gaga, maybe you won’t mind at all.

1. Paperlife Eyelashes

This is taking fake lashes to the next level. I saw these babies at Sephora in Singapore and wondered when I could ever wear them. They might even be equivalent to those sneaky heels you bought this weekend that you know you can’t wear out because they’re too high, but because they looked hot on you at the store, you decided to buy them anyway. I’m not sure what to say about these lashes to be honest. All I can say is that it would be funny if it rained.

2. Lip Transfers/Tatoos

A few months ago, I had a Minx Manicure – basically a nail wrap – and had no idea that they have them for lips as well. Look at that. Forget your lipsticks, re-applying them throughout the day or smudges what so ever. You can wrap your lips and call it a day. I can’t believe this exists.

3. Snakeskin Manicure

My best friend loves snakeskin – on bags, wallets and even shoes. I on the other hand am creeped out by these slithering animals and would never wear a snakeskin manicure. One of the toughest decisions when getting your nails done is what color you want them to paint your nails with. Pink? Red? How bout snakeskin! Plus it costs about 62 pounds per nail ($123 per NAIL) – that’s my monthly gym membership on one nail. What they do is they take snakeskin that has been shed away from the snake (no harming animals) and they use a special gel to paste the skin onto your nails. It takes about two hours and lasts about two weeks. Lovely.

4. Pastel Hair

On the runway this Spring season is pastel hair, which I think is quite unique and cool although me wearing pastel hair out and about will be a very rare and probably non-existent occasion. Spread the paint on your hair and match your clothes with it. Hey, you might even be mistaken for a flower so don’t go to the parks where the honey bees might see you too often, ok?

5. SHATTER Nails & Fish Spas

I know these last two trends aren’t very new nor are they earth shatteringly special. But I do want to give my two cents about them. First of all, OPI shatter nails and the whole shatter nail trend is honestly weird to me. It’s fun and cool the way it breaks but I don’t honestly think the whole black shatter things on your nails looks attractive. Fish spas are weird too. Fish eating your dead skin doesn’t look very hygienic but I know they will be thanking the heavens if you dip your feet without having a pedicure in a while. What about fish waste, what if their fishy teeth are dirty. They’re animals! Those are two silly trends I’ll never understand.

So there you have it my Top 5 Beauty Trends that only Lady Gaga Might Love!

What do you think about them?