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Hey Everyone!

You’ve probably already noticed that I’m now open to guest posts by other bloggers and a lover of the photos on Ilyana’s blog,, we decided to do a collaboration together! If you’re a beauty blogger, you would probably know that having great pictures on your blog is key to having a great post in the making. I’m constantly finding better ways to take better pictures so you can see the products better whether if it’s standing by itself or slathered on my skin. Since Ilyana takes beautiful pictures on her blog, I asked her to give you her top 5 tips to taking great pictures of make-up. So this is for all the beauty bloggers out there – I’ll let Ilyana take it from here! :)

1) Keep the angle of your photos and the position of your products consistent.

I’m quite partial to taking shots which are either centered or on the extreme left/right of the picture frame. It seems pretty methodical at first but you’ll see that a little consistency will go a long way! :D

2) Keep your background clutter-free

I know this might be one blatantly obvious tip but try taking a step back and take a closer look at your photos. Are your backgrounds clear of anything that might detract readers from the product? If you photograph your products on a desk, for example, there might be bundles of paper or a rebellious pen hiding in the corner. Remember, the key to photographing products is to sell and keep your readers’ attention on it – not the remnants of what you ate for lunch ;p

3) Brightness and contrast is your new bff.

I always adjust the brightness and contrast of my photos in Photoshop after shooting. This nifty trick in Photoshop will brighten any dull image and tone down overexposed ones :D Don’t panic if you don’t have Photoshop, there are plenty of free image editors online like Picnik and Picasa.

4) Get inspiration from beauty editorials in magazines

I love looking at shots in magazines because man, they have it tough! Imagine having to come up with new ways to photograph beauty products every month? I die. But someone’s got to do it – and these magazines do it with such finesse. Plus, it also doubles as an excuse for you to pick up a nice mag to read every month! What better way to look for inspiration, right? ;D

5) Don’t take photography too seriously.

Photography’s supposed to be fun and stress-free so play around with your camera and see what works for you! It might take a while but don’t give up and keep at it :D

Good luck, everyone! x

Hope you found this helpful!


P.S Be sure to check out her blog at – lovely pictures :D