Beautiful Spring Faerie Make-up Tutorial!

Hey Everyone,

Finally, it’s Spring in Australia and although it might be freezing everywhere else in the world, we can finally soak up the sun after a seemingly long winter.That being said, the flowers are in full bloom which inspired me to create a spring look. I was also out shopping when I came across Diva’s new selection of Spring accessories and I thought I might get my hands on a few and create a look that would complement them. I returned them after I was done and exchanged them for something more…well, everyday – a little sneaky tip. By the way, I know the plural of Fairy is Faeries but it can also be spelled Faerie too!

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes. I’m using the Face of Australia Eye Primer in Matte. It creases a little bit after a long day but it does the job.

Step 2: Use a pink cream shadow and apply that in your crease and blend. I’m using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt.

Step 3: You now want to create a more clean base. I’m using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for this and placing this color all over the lid

Step 4: Set the white base with white eyeshadow. I’m using a matte white eyeshadow from the Sleek Divine Palette in Acid.

Step 5: Apply a matte hot pink color to the outer crease. Just dab a little bit of the color, we’ll blend this out later.

Step 6: Use a frost pink and blend the hot pink and frost pink all the way to your brow and then blend downward beneat your eye. This will be the “petals’ of the flower. I love using the MAC 217 for this. You shouldn’t be using a paddle brush for this, something fluffy will be good.

Step 7: Apply a forrest green to the outer corners of your eye. Blend this downward onto your water line as well. I’m using the dark green from the Wet N’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette.

Step 8: Now you have the base for the green, you will want to brighten this up. Use a bright green from the Sleek Divine Palette in Acid to go over this color and brighten the look.

Step 9: To add some wood to the look, just add some brown to the outer corners near the lid line.

Step 10: Add a bit of yellow to the middle of the lid for added dimension and blend it out.

Step 11: Add a matte white to the outer corners.

Step 12: Blend the colors on the crease together!

For a more softer look, you can skip the eyeliner and lashes to achieve this look:

or this:

Step 13: If you want a more defined look, use a liquid liner. You want a sharp line so skip the pencil and gel and go for liquid

Step 14: Add your false lashes. I’m using wispy demi lashes (or half lashes) for this

Step 15: Add a pretty coral liploss like the Sportsgirl Liquid Lip Color in Summer Holiday to complete your look!

Time for hair! Tie your hair up in a side pony tail!

.Grab your flower accessories!

and put them on and you are finished!

Hope you liked this tutorial!