Follow Up: Dropping By at the Schweppes Cube Bar @ Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

Hey Everyone!

I just got back from the Cocktail Revolution at the Southern Cross Station and it was great! This is a follow up post from my How To Make a Berrytangrs Drink & Spring Makeup Look post! Thought you might like to see how the actual event went!  :) To that, here are a few eye-candy pictures taken at Southern Cross Station. Make sure to come down to grab your goodie bag and a chance to win a wonderful crate of Schweppes goodies! The picture quality for a few pictures is lacking because I was taking it with my blackberry, my camera went out of battery halfway. Boo.

The Cube Bar looked amazing. It kind of reminded me of the movie, Madagascar, with all the crates and lovely fruits!

I was attended by two dashing men, Tim and Ben, who filled me in on what to do. Basically, pop a fruit on what I call an enlarged iPad and the table recognizes what you put on it to and generates an awesome recipie. Loves it!

The table or enlarged ipad is super smart. It reminds me of playing Fruit Ninja, one of my all time favourite iPad games ever!

The recipie is generated depending on what fruit and drink you pick. It generates a cool combination that you can make at home!

Plus, you get to go home with a Schweppes goodie bag for free! He’s showing me what’s inside. You get a bottle of Schweppes, a fruit and a recipie card to get mixing at home!

You also get to get dumped by a giant cocktail. Well, not literally, a virtual one. Basically, You get to act like you’ve been poured by one on a virtual screen and if you do, you get to keep the picture, enter the code on the Schweppes facebook page and stand a chance to win a Cocktail party crate for that party you’ve always wanted to throw! I believe I’m trying to catch the cocktail in this picture. Girl, it ain’t gonna work out.

A little close-up of the goods!

What was in my goodie bag? I brought home a Blood Orange and a lemon! :)

So, go have fun at the Schweppes Cube Bar @ Southern Cross Station!

A few other things you can do at Southern Cross? It’s where I shop! There’s a bunch of stores selling discounted clothes and things there and I love shopping there more than South Wharf DFO, so even greater reason to visit!

Thanks Schweppes & Nuffnang for sponsoring me for this wonderful opportunity!