Picture Roll + Looks: VIP Night Shopping @ Chadstone Mall Haul!

Hey Everyone,

Thought I might just do a quick haul post in picture roll form! A few weeks back, Chadstone (a really big shopping mall here) had VIP night where all stores in the mall were about 15-20% off. Done with assignments, my friend and I made a quick trip there to see what deals we could bring home. Here’s what I brought home!

1. Sportsgirl Sweaters

I absolutely love knit sweaters, especially in winter and the awesome thing is during fall and spring, you can slip them on and not wear a coat and they look so soft and casual. Luckily that night, Sportsgirl had an additional 50% off all their sale items so I got two in pink and blue. The blue is more of a crop top and the pink is a full on knit. Both are made with delicate yarn so you have to be careful while washing. With leggings, they make really nice casual outfits.

2. House of Harlow Earrings

Finally! I got my House of Harlow at a 20% off for only $39.90. What a deal. I love these earrings, they are so chic with any outfit especially when I tie my hair up and you can see them clearly. I love how big and bold they are.

3. Some Rubi Shoes

You’re probably already familiar with Rubi, coming from Singapore because there is Rubi in Singapore but look at these, these nude wedges were only $13.95. I’ve barely been wearing flats nowadays and my tory burchs are hiding in a corner. I’ve been sporting my Diana Ferarri yellow wedges instead but also Rubi boots. Rubi Shoes are actually really comfortable and I forsee myself hauling quite a bit from there as the seasons change.

4. Sheer Chiffon Coat

I really don’t know what to call this but its perfect during spring. I absolutely love this material and the color. It’s so flowy, dreamy and I can wear leggings and a tank and still look pretty good. Probably need to accessorize after but I like clothes I can slip on, not think about, and walk out the door with.

5. Yellow & Blue Dress

I swear, there are so many September babies! I wonder why, lol. I needed a “party” dress so I bought this one for only $30! I love it so much, it has great form and fits the figure really nicely. Plus, I don’t see why i can’t wear it with a big floppy hat and have it during the day time as well!

and then me at an actual 21st! It was a masquerade party!

Hope you liked this simple post!

xx Roseanne