February 28, 2011

Beauty News/Giveaway: What’s New and Cool at LUSH? —-GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!—–

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Hey Everyone,

Whenever I swing by a LUSH store Australia, I always grab a copy of The Lush Times. This newspaper of smelly goodness is a directory of all the products that LUSH will offer for that season including new items and items that are very much loved by you and me. So, I’ve decided that since many of you aren’t in Australia or aren’t able to grab a copy of The Lush Times, I thought I might bring it to you online.

Here are my favourite picks from The Lush Times that I thought were pretty cool. I bought a giftbox from Lush a while back and I was going to give it all away to one person but I thought that breaking up the prize would be an even better idea so that more people can win something. You’ll see the details of the giveaway at the end. Let’s go, shall we?

1. Orange Blossom and Gorilla Perfume?

These are apparently new products to the range. LUSH has taken over the scent scene. In this picture, it features the different sizes and kinds of scents that they will be offering. The percentages indicate how concentrated the different formulas are. I think the Gorilla Perfume atomiser is so cute.

From those different variations, come the different kinds of scents you can purchase. I’m really interested in the Breath of God scent which is a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and lemon and melon while Smell of Freedom (available in May) is a complex blend of herbal, woody, spicy and oriental scents to create a masterpiece. Lust also looks good – it’s a pure jasmine that offers a very seductive scent. Very cool.

2. Emotibombs

These aren’t new products but i’ve always thought they were a cool concept. Because most of us don’t have bath tubs, LUSH created emotibombs that you put on the floor of the shower. When the water from the shower head hits the emotibomb, fumes of happiness come up and it makes for a pretty wonderful shower.

The names are pretty funny. I would like the Up You Gets. I like taking showers in things that wake me up. It’s a lemon, lime and grapefruit disc. Yum!

3. Glorious Mud

This is a body mask and fizz! Weird combination, I know. Once you add water, you can let the cube fizz and put it all over your body . It’s full of Aloe Vera extract, Rhassoul mud, and sesame oil to re-hydrate, soften and cleanse. It also has a warm vanilla fragrance. Yum.

4. Feet Things.

I have to say that my feet are probably the most neglected body part I have. Again, I love things that give a powerful jolt and I reckon the “Running to the Embassy” body butter with tingly peppermint, pumice and cocoa butter would do very well for a foot bar :)

5. Lush Does Hair Dye?

Yes, now they do, plus as always, they try to go low on the chemicals so now they’re using the best henna and essential oils to create rich cocoa butter blocks for basically chemical free hair color. Interesting.

6. Zit Zapper – Grease Lightning

This thing uses aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree gel to zap zits. Who knew?

7. Lip Tints

A variation of  tinted lip balm. I have the one in Snow Fairy, I’ll do a review when I can. :) I have it on my lips and for a first impression, I love the hot pink color that’s subtle and it feels fairly smooth on my lips. It’s not very hydrating though and gives almost the same feeling as a matte lipstick.

8. Knot Wrap – Lush turns even more environmentally friendly

These are LUSH branded vintage scarves that you can use to carry things. It comes from the Japanese art of Furoshiki which means “cloth for the bath” and it promotes caring for the environment and is also an eco friendly wrapping cloth. You can choose from Lush’s selection of products and have them wrapped in this instead. Lush also offers recycled pots for bath bombs. Good on you, Lush. Don’t kill me, but I still prefer your paper bags please.

ok, so before you throw a fit and tatrum asking “where’s my giveaway??” Ok, ok, it’s right here:



On this blog, there are three items up for grabs.

Prize #1: Bubblegum Lip Scrub – It smells so yummy and smooth lips ahoy!

Prize #2: Rockstar Soap – A LUSH classic

Prize #3: Honey I Washed the Kids Soap :)

Conditions of the Giveaway

1. You must be a follower of this blog. Look at your right to see how to follow the blog – either by onsugar or by Google Friend Connect :)

2. This is international but make sure I’ll be able to post to you from Australia and that you’re comfortable with giving me your address

3. This ends on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

What do I do?

In the comments section…

1. Tell me your favourite LUSH item or item you wish you had from LUSH and why?

2. State which prize you want

3. State your email address

4. State your username that you followed me with so that I can check back

Example Entry:

1. My favourite product from LUSH is the Amondopondo bubble bar. It smells so good and its super relaxing after a long day

2. Prize #1: Bubblegum Lip Scrub

3. roseannetangrs@gmail.com

4. roseannetangrs


The other two items – Snow Fairy Shower Gel and the Candy Cane Bubble Bar will be given away on my Facebook Page this week. Stay tuned on (http://www.facebook.com/roseannetangrs)



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