December 6, 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

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Hey Everyone!

Wow, your discussion yesterday was amazing. I really appreciated your thoughts about the issue!

Today I’ll be doing a review of the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. Bobbi Brown foundations are supposed to be gold so let’s see how this one holds up!

The foundation comes in a pump bottle which is convenient and doesn’t waste too much excess product. The product itself is surprisingly watery and thin, not like most foundations I’ve tried. At first pump, it seems like it wouldn’t provide any coverage, thinner than a tinted moisturiser but you’ll be surprised! The best way to use this would probably be a paddle brush if you need the coverage, if not a good clean stippling brush does a good job in blending everything together because it’s such a thin consistency.

The coverage is pretty good. Despite it’s watery makeup, it does a great job covering everything – for sure a medium to high coverage foundation which is cool because you get the feeling that you aren’t wearing much for cool coverage.

This is the foundation without a powder on it. It’s for sure not a matte foundation so be careful if you know you’re going to be particularly oily that day. It looks like skin in some parts but where there are the usual imperfections, it cakes up a bit as you can see. Not great for acne prone skin.

But, set with a powder, it looks pretty flawless. But even then, it’s not that flawless.

Honestly, this isn’t one of my favourite foundations. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like and it oils up too fast and not in the most graceful manner. However, the ‘technology’ involved in making such a blend-able foundation go on with such coverage should be applauded so I clap, but I don’t clap for long when it starts to fade off. At 75 AUD, it was really quite expensive and it’s not something I would repurchase again.

Have you tried this and what do you think of it? Leave your comments in the comment section above!



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7 Responses

  • Layla88 says:

    Wow..what a disappointment? I woulda thot BB foundations would be flawless but….thanks for the heads up! xx

  • beautyprincess says:

    I guess it is not suitable for oily or problematic skin types, thanks for reviewing it!

  • linnera says:

    i had this before and I have to agree that it’s not long lasting. I prefer the Natural Finish long lasting foundation to this one.. You should try that one out.. :)

  • icyabstract says:

    Thank you for the ‘warning’ on this. Have been thinking to venture in Bobbi Brown basics (foundation, concealer etc) and I defo need something long lasting for work and this wouldn’t cut it. Maybe I’ll look into their other ranges :D

  • elizaheartyou says:

    Oooh I wanted to buy the exact same one, they didn’t have my shade (which is a good thing I guess :p ) Thanks for the review! :D

  • roseannetangrs says:

    @Layla88: haha yeah its not really flawless I would say
    @beautyprincess: no problemo :)
    @linnera: I think that’s the one i had in a tester, really liked that one!
    @icyabstract: no problemo :)
    @elizaheartsyou: haha good thing you saved your money, no problem :)