November 18, 2010

Product Spotlight: YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

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Hey Everyone,

I’m back! I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I just want to give you a big bear hug for being so patient, I had exams to attend to which explains my dishelved appearance in these photos but hopefully they’ll do.

I’ll be doing a review on YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. We’ve all seen it, probably know what it does but does it work? I’d have to give it my thumbs up. It was definitely a life saver during study time when my eye bags were become more obvious and I just looked plain tired. You’ll see my triple eye-lids, I only get those when I’m not sleeping enough.

DISCLAIMER: This product was sponsored by The Beauty Club as a gift. I was not told to do a review, but hey it’s YSL, and it’s good stuff. All opinons are my own and not influenced by any factors whatsoever. Duh. :)


It’s sleek, gold, and an easy application being a pen. There’s a black clicker on the back that you click away if you need more product and you can use the brush tip to quickly apply the product on your face or use your fingertips to dab and pat. A beautiful case, easy, no fuss.

The synthetic brush tip is just the perfect size for the right amount. You really don’t need a lot of this product, and too much might give you a white overcast so here, the amount you use does matter and the brush tip makes a nice solution.


YSL Touche Eclat makes a great under-eye concealer for people with not so obvious panda eyes. For people with darker eye bags, probably heavier than what I have here, it will make the area appear brighter but will not totally conceal your dark circles. If you have minimal dark circles and want to fix this, this does a great job! To apply it to the under-eye area, dab a small amount using the brush and pat with your fingertips to blend the product until it isn’t obvious anymore.

You can also use the Touche Eclat for highlighting the bridge of your nose, your cheek bones, your chin, cupids bow and brow arch. It blends flawlessly into your skin while giving light and it doesn’t leave an overcast or oil up. It’s an awesome no fuss highlighter.

In fact, here’s a general map of where you would apply the Touche Eclat. The product isn’t supposed to be a general concealer but sales assistants have added that it makes a good eye-primer. I haven’t tried that but I think that because it isn’t a matte product, it probably won’t do so well in that department. It’s a dream for me in the under-eye area and as a highlighter and fulfilling those two purposes during exam time was good enough for me. Excuse the stolid expression haha, I didn’t want to smile because you won’t see clearly, nor did I add any eye-makeup. You don’t have to get the lines perfect because you’ll be blending away anyway! :)

Once you’ve got the general map going, blend away using a patting motion to slowly integrate the product into your skin. It blends easily and flawlessly so there is no worry there.

The End Result?

For sure a brighter complexion. I give this product a 5/5. Beautiful design in it’s packaging and a beautiful product. There are different shades and I’m in #2 being an NC30. Find the product on makeupalley and compare your MAC shade, I reckon it would matter what shade you get especially if you’re thinking of making it your under-eye concealer as well.

If you have any questions, just ask away!

I’m back in Singapore and so excited. There’s a bunch of things in store I promise so stay tuned. :)

What do you think about this product? Leave your comments in the comment section above!

xx Roseanne

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