February 4, 2010

Urban Decay’s Singapore Launch on Feb. 4 – A few prices & thoughts

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Hey Everyone,

Kiyoko and I infront of Taka’s store but I went to Ion for the below review..

For all of you too busy out there to catch a glimpse of the new set-up for Urban Decay’s Launch in Singapore, here I am to save the day. Well, not really. The launch at ION wasn’t as fantastically awesome as I envisioned it to be – no people dressed as urban decay primer potions, handing out urban decay primer potions and little cupcakes with urban decay sprinkles (what a dream :)) – just regular sephora sales assistants wearing the same black shirts but with the words UD stamped on their backs floating around the seemingly empty looking launch. The event on facebook said the event was supposed to be open at 12 PM, I went at about 12:30 and I swear it was a little lonely with just me and another and what seemed like 10 sales assistants wondering where the crowd went. I seriously thought I would get pummelled, scratched and even gnawed on. But nope, none of that excitement at all.

Apparently though people were queuing in front of Sephora stores earlier than the event, rushed in got their stuff and fled out. :) It’s probably because it’s still a week day and its not limited edition or anything.

Anyway, I really wasn’t supposed to take pictures but of course Roseanne makes sacrifices for you all, so I quickly snapped two pictures in a sea of sales assistants just for you:

Man, I’m good. Anyway I found that the prices were actually really reasonable and little did I know that there is actually a third primer potion – its a matte nude one in Eden – how exciting! They’re $32 each and most products are in the thirty dollar range! Theres also a lip primer ($35) and lash primer ($35) next to the stars of urban decay – the primer potions. :) After those are the face primers ($55 each).

I should really be doing this for a living. Ok anyway yay! 24/7 liners, I’m def. getting my hands on these cuz I heard they are really good, smudge proof pencils and awesome enough, they are only $30 each! I expected a lot more for some reason! Palettes range from $40 – $60 I think.

So What did I get??

Nothing. Well, yet. I’m attending the Urban Decay’s Master Class by Eric Jimminez with Jasmine (xbeanie :D) on Saturday and I have a $75 fully redeemable voucher for Urban Decay (If i buy two items, I get another survival kit with makeup remover and stuff supposedly and I think 24/7 liner) and a goodie bag so look forward to a huge haul on Saturday :) Just a heads up though – I def. want a primer potion (duh) and 24/7 liners!! Probably will redeem the Original primer potion, Eden primer potion (want to try it out and review for sure, i didn’t even know it existed till now) and 24/7 Liner in Zero (black) and I know thats more than $75 but I can pay the $19 difference for another primer potion :)

So I hope this was helpful for you!




P.S Makeupstash.com did a comprehensive review including whats in the goodie bag when you purchase 2 or more UD products, and all the prices of everything:


Her UD price list:


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