My 5 Essential Make-Up Secrets that Everyone Should Know!

Hey Everyone!


Some may say that when it comes to make-up, there are no rules. I have to..half agree. Yes it’s great to be creative and have a blast, but if you don’t have a basic understanding of a few principles it can make it a little bit harder. Whether it be tools, technique or theory – there is a lot to be learned and when you’ve solidified a good foundation you can have even more fun! Here are five make-up tips that I believe everyone should know. They’re essential!

1. Follow your natural contours – your face is your BEST guide

When make-up artists come straight out of school, one thing I notice is that they always follow the template that they learned at school no matter what eye shape they’re working on. And that’s not a good at all. Similarly, you can’t believe that all shapes of faces were created equal. The best trick is to follow your natural contours. Take a moment and feel where your face shape is – where your eye pops out of the socket (that’s the crease) or where your cheeks sink in (that’s where you contour). Every face is different and to be honest when you’re doing make-up, the face is the best guide. For me, I use it as a map and when I do, I can basically enhance the features that are already there. It’s my make-up secret. I observe where the eye folds in and gradually add shadow to it and I observe where light hits the face and where shadow forms to create a look that suits the person I’m doing make-up on to a T.

 2. Good skin preparation will equate to great make-up

One mistake a lot of people also miss out on is the importance of preparing the skin before make-up. A lot of people think that bad skin can be hidden under heaps of make-up which may be sometimes true but you just don’t want to walk around like a caked up mess. Instead, take a little bit of time to prep the skin and you’ll see that not only does your make-up apply smoother, it also sticks on longer and looks even more flawless. This is essential for dead skin or dry skin. When I do make-up, I will always apply moisturiser before I start. During this time, I will access the skin and feel the dry and oily parts. If there’s a particularly dry spot, I will layer on the moisturiser. If you have flaky skin, you can apply a dollop of vaseline and wait five minutes before rubbing it off. Instantly you’ll see your make-up improve.

3. Ditch the sweep – Pat to blend instead

Another mistake a lot of people do is that they sweep on the make-up from eyeshadow to concealer. This robs the product from producing any effect and it’s pigmentation. Unless you want a very light wash of color, always pat to blend or pat and blend. If you want your eyeshadows to really look insanely vivid, don’t sweep it on but pat it on instead with a paddle brush. Then blend out the edges where you want it to look “fused”. Concealer is the same. If you want to cover that zit, don’t just buff it on, use your finger and pat the concealer on and around the blemish. The heat from your finger will warm the product up as well and make it more obedient.

4. Make-up should be applied in layers

Don’t you hate it when you’ve applied too much and you can’t do anything about it? If you apply too little, you can always go ahead and add more, but if you applied too much – it’s a different story. Instead, why not apply make-up gradually in layers. Start with a little and add a little more to get it perfect. That way you don’t always have to end up taking it all off or adding more to remove a mistake.

5. Use light and dark as a guide

This is similar to tip no. 1, but this is also essential when it comes to contouring and highlighting. Use light and dark as a guide and see where shadows and light naturally form on the face. Of course if you’re doing some ridiculous modifying to your facial features, this isn’t applicable but if you just notice where things form, the face really does become a map for you to use. It’s not hard anymore and there are subtle hints on the face that just urge for your make-up.

So here you are – five make-up secrets that I very much believe everyone should know! Hopefully they’re not your run on the mill tips and I hope you enjoyed this! Oh, also follow me on Instagram @roseannetangrs if you haven’t!

Love, Roseanne