May 16, 2012

Haul: Bobbi Brown Lip Color Lipsticks from! & Bobbi Brown Giveaway!

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Hey Everyone!

To be honest, I never really wore lipstick until I went to uni. To me lipsticks were such a hassle. I couldn’t eat without eating some and they faded far too much. But little did I realize that it wasn’t particularly lipsticks as make-up items I didn’t like, it was just that I was wearing the wrong one. I continued my lipstick journey with M.A.C, Chanel, YSL, and drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline only to find that I might have a slight addiction to them. They make a massive difference to any look, it’s the final polish. Even to that, I haven’t tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick before either. Silly, I know.

MizSpa contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to try out a set of Bobbi Brown lipsticks from their online store and suggested a giveaway for them as well. Seeing that I’ve never tried them and you get to try them too, I was more than ecstatic!

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But let’s get to the haul shall we? Shipping was safe and secure and arrived in less than the expected time. Plus the packaging is uber cute!

Let’s see what’s in the box!

 I love how they’re packaged with wrapping paper and bows! I feel like it’s my birthday..or Christmas morning. I opened it up to reveal the Bobbi Brown Lip Trio that comes with three Bobbi Brown Lipsticks in Nude, Sandwash Pink and Soft Rose. These babies are usually only available in airports or duty free areas. They’re a set of three of universally flattering shades from Bobbi Brown and represent the classics of their lipstick collection.

At the point of opening this up, I was absolutely thrilled. Not only did I get to try just one, I get to try three! Bobbi Brown lipsticks are known to be creamy, semi matte, rich and full coverage. I haven’t heard too much online about them.

They’ve mainly been overshadowed by the hype of Chanel and YSL lippies. We’ll see how they fare on a first impressions basis, since this is a haul.

Here is me without any lipstick on. I already do have a pink-ish muave natural lip color but let’s see if these lipsticks can spice things up.

 1. Bobbi Brown Lip Color Lipstick in Soft Rose

Soft Rose is a beautiful pink rose color with a bit of a peach undertone. It is absolutely perfect for daily wear and makes a great pink and peach swatch on the lips. Bobbi Brown lipsticks are surprisingly (well, they are Bobbi Brown, so never mind) pigmented and smooth. They are so rich but not overpoweringly creamy. I would say these are some of the best lipsticks that I have tried so far. It’s a complex feeling wearing them. The texture is so rich and pigmented but they don’t feel heavy what so ever. It’s like gliding butter on your lips but the fact that they are semi-matte adds the perfect shine. It’s a bit confusing but they are spectacular. Back to the color, soft rose would be my favorite of the bunch.

 2. Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink Lip Color Lipstick 

Sandwash Pink is a muave and more paler lipstick. It also feels and looks slightly more matte, and would be most similar to M.A.C’s matte lippies in Please Me or Pink Plaid. Nonetheless, I’ve been really into muave looking lipsticks lately. I believe this is the color that Barbie wears and really, who doesn’t want to look like her. Again, the texture remains utterly amazing.

 3. Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Color Lipstick 

The last is the most more of a neutral brick color although on the website it is described to be a medium brownish pink. If my mom were to pick one out of the bunch, she would pick this one. I remember her only wearing a slight peach brick red and it reminds me so much of her. I wish I could give this to her, but I kind of used it so I’m not sure how much she’d like that. Besides that, it’s a very pretty color. It’s leaning onto a coral which matches spring weather perfectly but at the same time it looks like autumn leaves too. Color gets a little complicated but seriously, the texture is something you need to try.

And there you have it! Bobbi Brown lipsticks are awesome. These are first impressions so I can’t say much about the lasting power of these babies but if anything, the texture is something I would whip out money for.

On Mizspa, this set only costs $26 – click here for the link! . It’s hard to say no to that.Wait, that is really cheap. I’m getting one for my Mom. Lol, this is a bit awkward.

But seriously, what is a blog post without a giveaway!


To win a Bobbi Brown Lip Trio and a set of the above lipsticks, all of you have to do is comment on this post below with your name, email address and why you like shopping online for make-up. The winner will be randomly drawn on May 25th, 2012 and the giveaway is international. Make sure you like the MizSpa facebook page as well on to be eligible.

For example:

1. Name: Roseanne

2. Email Address:

3. I love shopping online because it’s fast, and tons cheaper! I liked the Facebook Page!

Good Luck Everyone! These are amazing lipsticks so I wish all of you the best!

I want to thank MizSpa for sponsoring this post and letting me and a lucky winner try out these wonderful lippies! Please check out their website at, like their facebook page at or follow them at twitter on


P.S: I’m seriously getting it for my Mom.

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