December 7, 2011

Where to Shop in Singapore: Far East Plaza, Orchard

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Hey Everyone,

I’ve never really been a branded person when it comes to getting clothes. That being said whether my top is from Calvin Klein or from the 5 dollar shop down the street really doesn’t matter on me. I believe in style for a bargain and you’re probably not going to see me in a boutique whipping any more than fifty bucks for something. Believe it or not, Singapore is great for this and I thought it’d be cool to show you a place where I find myself shopping in Singapore again and again! Let me introduce to you Far East Plaza! This will probably be useful if you’re thinking of coming down anytime soon to look for clothes at a pretty good price.

When someone mentions Shopping in Singapore, it will probably be synonymous with Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a one way street with shops on both sides be it department stores, malls, or big names like H&M, Forever21, Topshop and of course your luxury apparels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, and more. Orchard Road might seem like a place to spend only big ticket items but actually, if you look a little harder, places like Far East have clothes that won’t put your wallet on a diet.

Far East Plaza is located near Scotts and opposite the big DFS at 14 Scotts Road.

It is quite an aged mall and a teenager hot spot mainly because of Level 1 which is jam packed with small stores selling shoes, clothes and accessories at cool prices.

This isn’t persay a place for bargaining but a great place to find dresses, tops and that type of shoe you’ve always wanted at probably the 30 – 50 dollar price range.

The fun doesn’t stop at Level 1 though. If you take the escalator up and skip the floor with old men selling cameras and camera accessories (unless you’re looking for that too) you are greeted with even more small shops.

If you’re looking for Asian make-up, they have many stores selling fake lashes, to OPI and China Glaze nail polishes to Asian stuff like eye-lid tape and BB creams. There are a bunch of manicure and pedicure places as well.

But best of all, most of these shops sell clothes that aren’t mainstream clothes you’ll find at Forever21 or Zara. Some of these shops are blogshops come offline which probably are my favourite places to go because I know I’ll find clothes that are “special”.

My favourite shop of all at Far East is First Day. Selling clothes from various blog shops, I find that these clothes are fashionable and unique, and with a 25 – 35 dollar price range, I really can’t complain.

I usually can get a range of pretty nice dresses. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in-store (heck, i didn’t even try) so I sneakily took some pictures of some outfits I tried out in the dressing room (sneaky me) during a shopping trip there. I’m currently working now and I needed some office dresses. Let’s just say First Day is the first place I will go to.

The first dress I tried on was this pretty green one that I did end up buying. I just LOVED the color of this dress. The girly mint green was flowy in just the right places. I snapped it up immediately. Plus, they go really well with my shoes!

I didn’t end up getting this one. Although I loved this dress because of the cute mini skirt part of it, I found it just a little too short for my liking. Trust me, this was the second time I tried it on but still, even with tights, I don’t think I could pull it off. It’s so cute though!

This one is just a simple structured dress, perfect for work! It folds in just the right places. I love it.

With two dresses, I ended up spending only $50 bucks which meant that each one was only about 25 – 27 dollars with a 10% holiday discount –  I told you you could get style at a pretty good price!

I hoped you liked this post! Far East Plaza is at 14 Scotts Road! If you ask anyone, they’ll point you to it, it’s a very popular shopping place. Don’t confuse this with Far East Shopping Centre, it is a totally different place!

What’s your favourite shop at Far East?


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