How to Wear Eyeshadow: Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow Quad in Charcoal Smokes

Hey Everyone!

I’ve always been a firm believer that buying eyeshadow quads are tons more valuable than buying single shadows. They’re convenient, often themed so the colors go together and I get more colors. In fact, in my drawn out relationship with makeup, I haven’t finished a single eye-shadow…yet. So today, I thought I should do a review of a good one, that being the Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow Quad. I’m going to follow the directions on how to use this palette, given a step by step tutorial, and I’ll explain my feelings about it at the end of this post. Let’s get crackin’!

The quad comes in a cute rectangle shaped package with four colors. I love how the colors are labelled on the quad so you can clearly see where the colors should go which is a great asset to have for beginners. There are also directions on the back. The package is slim and I find no faults with it whatsoever. A tip when testing out eyeshadows at the store is to always swatch the shadow on your fingertip and then on the back of your arm. The reason why you should put it on your arm is because the color on your finger is not an accurate representation of its color payoff. Your finger has fingertips or groves that pick up more color than what is actually paying off. Today I’m using the quad in Charcoal Smokes which is a purple, smokey gray color palette.

Let’s get going to see how you can acheive the same standard look you see in the picture below!

Step 1: Prime your eye. I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Mine is depotted. Don’t go crazy, just a little will do and spread evenly all over your lids.

Step 2: Apply the lightest purple all over your lid. I love using a blendng brush for this so I don’t ever have to worry about harsh lines.

Step 3: With the blending brush again, use the darker purple and place the color in the outer corner.

Step 4: Using a fluffy brush like the MAC 217, take the black and tilt your brush and take the color from the end of your eye upwards and then turn your brush into the crease. This will add nice definition.

Step 5: Using a pencil brush, take the black shade and line your water line and then continue upwards into the outer corner of your eyelid

Step 6: After you’re done with the eyeshadow, line your eyes with your favourite liner, do your brows and your lashes!

A review of the eyeliner used here is right here:

and just like that, you’ve acheived really easy smokey eyes!

Overall Opinion:

This palette is great. The colors are pigmented and smooth  although not as soft as the Wet N’ Wild color icon palette eyeshadows are. Overall though, the combination of colors works nicely on the eye for a standard smokey eye look. The palette is easy to use and great for begginners or people looking for everyday makeup. I can’t find any flaws with it actually and it’s for sure a great buy if you’re looking for a more affordable quad of colors.

I hope you liked this look!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow quad?