Fashion Special: Shopping in Haji Lane, Singapore (Happy 2011!)

Hey Everyone!

It’s time again to say goodbye to another year. I must say that 2010 was utterly fantastic – it was such a pleasure to meet some of you, get to know more companies, and even try a few more drugstore products. It’s always important to have memorable moments because it’s safe to say that 2010 will never pass us by again.

But with goodbyes come new hellos and the tradition of setting up new year resolutions. What are mine? Well besides the standard eat well and lose a few pounds, I want to be more fashionable. Thus, it’s always great to have friends who know what they’re talking about when it comes to dressing well and Tammy Tew (, one of my good friends, for shizzle knows what she’s talking about. So, we’ve made this new years video extra special by taking you down a special lane – it may not be memory lane but it’s very stylish and well just my style.


Yep, you guessed it. Haji Lane in Singapore, next to Arab Street is nearest to the Bugis MRT station and a short walk away from there. The area that it is located in is also known for arabian eateries, shisha and fabric. It has a very quiet, laid back, shop house style – think out on the porch with a few cats – and is home to boutique shops owned by passionate and loving owners and their favourite kinds of accessories, clothes, shoes and bags.

For you, we have asked three shops that we liked the best and their shop owners if we could film and take pictures in their stores for this new year’s special.

*Note: This blog post compliments the YouTube video, so I suggest you watch the video here first before preceeding:

Also special thanks to the lovely Kiyoko, another good friend of mine, for her expert filming! :)

1. The Blogshop

Besides having an additional store in Far East, Orchard Road, this store in particular is two floors. The first floor features handmade looking accessories, very special rings, cameras, scarves and little oddities that you can’t commonly find anywhere else. Walk up some wooden stairs and you’ll enter clothingparadise featuring a variety of styles to suit the everyday person. I love it because it’s displayed so haphazardly and offers such a wide seleciton that it’s hard not to find something to like. Prices are for sure affordable with most pieces ranging in the thirties.

2. Pluck

Not only is this store an accessory and clothing mecca, it also houses it’s own little eatery where you can sit down to a variety of bevarages or ice cream for the soul. I love this place because it looks like you’re coming into a house with patterned walls and a very wide selection of really nice bracelets and necklaces. The bangles are ornamental, the belts are pretty and the aura – beautiful, and with a name like that, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Threadbare and Squirrel

This one is possibly my favourite shop on Haji Lane. I love the atmosphere, its so cute because it’s on the second level so I feel like I’m scurrying up. The clothes are really nice pieces that you can dress up and dress down – they’re versatile yet classicly simple. Watch the video to see how Tammy styled me up in their dressing rooms!

So after all that shopping, I must have bought something right? Yes, yes, I caved in.

I bought a very nice work appropriate top that I can wear to work and also wear casually as a jacket to a white tank and adorned with a longer necklace. Again, you should watch the video for some styling tips. You can either use this with a high waisted skirt, as a thin jacket or even cinched at the waist with a belt.I needed a beige belt for the waist and felt that this one did very nicely. They’re actually having a 25% off sale so hurry or should I say scurry haha!

Thank you so much to the following shops for their cooperation in the filming and the taking of pictures:

The Blogshop
35 Haji Lane, Singapore

31/33 Haji Lane, Singapore

Threadbare & Squirrel
43 Haji Lane, 2nd Storey, Singapore

I wish you a fabulous year ahead full of love, magic and great memories.



  • blushfully

    oohhhh i know that area!! hehehe!! must go check them out when i go back! haha… i like that beige blouse and belt~ =D

  • Ct Kathy

    Hey, I’m selling Fergie’s Outspoken Perfume at Haji Lane on New Year!!!! What a coincidence. Haha!!! 1st January… Anyone interested can drop by.. Anyway, 2010 is surely another unforgettable year!!! :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @blushfully: thanks hun! yes do come! and you should come when I’m in SG then we can go shopping together! haha

    @CT Kathy: awesome! do you own a shop on Haji lane, which shop is it? :)

  • Lemon Tart

    Happy New Year dear! Nice and cozy place to shop! like the ones in melbourne and oxford st sydney. =)) I will try to check those stores when I go to Sing this year! Yay! xxx

  • Mitsue

    Happy 2011! This post makes me visit Singapore again, it’s been so long!

    Just came across to your blog and saying hi! Would love it if you’d visit mine ;)

    M from TOKYO

  • deeetsxo

    This was so interesting! I’ve lived in Singapore for 13 years and never stumbled across these places. Definitely going to check them out soon, super excited about the camera’s especially. One of my favourite videos/posts of yours, thanks so much! :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @LemonTart: yay do visit soon!

    @Mitsue: Happy 2011 too! I’ll check your blot out soon! :)

    @deeetsxo: thanks! yay! glad you liked the post :)

  • Ct Kathy

    No.. I don’t own a shop there… It is just an open table during New Year… Anyway, it rained that day so it did not turn out well…:(

  • roseannetangrs

    aw no! :( sorry to hear that!

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