Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much to Secret Lovechild ( and xLadyErikax ( for nominating me :)


So the rules for this one are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
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7 Interesting Facts about me?
1. I am bound to cry if a dog gets hurt in any movie, show or advertisement. In a war movie, I would usually cry out “oh no the horse!” when the rider gets shot haha
2. I’m known in my family for having stomach problems unfortunately – If i get food poisoning, I always get the most extremest form :P I think I have a stomach ache right now in fact :P
3. I know this is weird but I think that I was def. a dog in my last life, my sister was my owner and my dog was my sister. Did I mention, I love my dog so much? :) I do.
4. I actually really want to stop buying make-up.
5. I seriously believe that everything in life happens for a reason – for doors to close and for others to open
6. I sleep less over the holidays because I can, and sleep less during school because I have to and in the end, I don’t get much sleep anyway haha!
7. Whenever my mom or sister tells me what to do, I say no in front of them and when they’re not looking, I do it for them hehe.
I tag the beautiful:
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