Meet & Greet Session!


Diana was so awesome to organize this meet and greet session!

People who were there:

Diana (adorebeauty) whose joyfullness is so contagious, shes so fun to be with and is always laughing :D

Julaiha (fiestyskies) yay finally got to meet her in person, shes quite hyper in a very entertaining way and is funny and friendly!

Joyce (forensia330) her hair is gorgeouss! shes soo nice and friendly!

Madeline (madcancer07) SO CUTE! hahaha just had to say that, it was a pleasure to meet her too :D and I loved her eye makeup!

Sarah (sarahchaudry) amazing make up artist, had crazy gorgeous eyes and a pleasure to meet! I actually met her already because I sold the OPIs to her but shopping around together was fun!

– and yours truly (roseannetangrs)

It was an awesome outing!! and it was so fun meeting everyone in person haha, no more virtual wall. LOL. We met up at MAC at TANGS Orchard, swatched a bunch of stuff, visited Sephora, ate at McDonalads – tried the cinnamon melts which are amazingly delicious, MAC Taka, Body Shop, Far East etc. Here are some photos and a few captions. I am not in any of the pictures I took hehe..he..i’m sure you’ll see me in diana’s, julaihas etc. blogs anyway :P

Sniff sniff at the Body Shop, I think we were looking at the summer collection!

Haha, diana’s turn :P

I so wasn’t supposed to take this picture, but ha-ha! I beat the system :P

We camwhored quite a bit! Walking in Taka!

haha we caught each other on camera :P

Swatching Porezero base? :D

Man…uploading photos one by ones quite tiring :D

yay it was porezero base, at Watsons!

haha cuties

Mcdonalds :D:D


And then we went outside :P and in the bluntest way possible, we camwhored.

Group photo minus me

Yay for John Little Cards!

At O2 skin, my feet were KILLING me too!!

And did I haul? Hahhaa..not really. I didn’t buy any make up because I’m a good girl :P But! I did buy a few items, 3 belts from Talisman and I swung by watsons just before boarding the MRT to get Hazeline snow which was only 3.45. I was a bit shocked by the consistency as its not as creamy as I thought it was. sort of a really snow white balm that turns into cream when mixed? :S

Overall, awesomeee day!




  • MaddyMadeline

    Wow first one to blog about it. I don’t pics but I did a video about the experience though I’m kind of having trouble with it now. Nice meeting you too!

  • xbeanie

    !!!! looks super fun! i love looking at these kinda candid pics, heh.

  • educatedbiatch

    hahahah!!OMG! I was sniffing the stuff! And you caught me!…hahah! Oh it was so fun! I wish we could turn backtime. My feet was killing me too sweets! Nice meeting you hun! :)

  • forensia

    Haha~~ We should have more of these session!! I did a short vid too~~ But its uploading haha~~
    So sad that u’re flying off so soon~~ But then we can always meet again when you’re back during ur breaks. XD

  • FacesBySarah

    i had fun too :)
    super tired. by the time i met my bf, i could barely open my eyes.

    and ya’ll can take the pics frm my facebook if u want :)

    PS: I added forensia & maddy already.. waitin for approval

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