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Hey Everyone!

December has come around and it’s finally time to lug out the Christmas tree from it’s year long hibernation, bring out the wreathes and dusty Christmas carol books and bring in the Christmas joy. A few months ago, I came across the blog and youtube channel of Say, from youtube.com/saytiocoartillero and www.saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com and I fell in love with Say’s personality and blog! She is absolutely stunning, is from the Philippines and is definitely a blogger and youtuber you need to subscribe to!

We decided to do a collaboration on a Holiday and Christmas Inspired Make-Up Tutorial to help you bring in the Christmas joy! I used the new Urban Decay Naked2 palette to create a gold shimmery but neutral look with glossy red lips while Say did a gorgeous silver with hot red lips as —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

You’ve probably already noticed that I’m now open to guest posts by other bloggers and a lover of the photos on Ilyana’s blog, www.tea-noir.net, we decided to do a collaboration together! If you’re a beauty blogger, you would probably know that having great pictures on your blog is key to having a great post in the making. I’m constantly finding better ways to take better pictures so you can see the products better whether if it’s standing by itself or slathered on my skin. Since Ilyana takes beautiful pictures on her blog, I asked her to give you her top 5 tips to taking great pictures of make-up. So this is for all —–> Read More

Hi Roseanne’s readers!

While many of you in the Southern hemisphere are about to enjoy the rays and the beaches, us up north are preparing to wrap ourselves in wool in as many forms as possible! I do miss the summer, so Roseanne’s let me invade her space to bring you a summer look – very nostalgic ;)

I don’t really want to call this a cliche “bronze goddess” look – but it is! I put a lot of emphasis on the eyes and cheeks, while still maintaining a wearable look (trust me, I’m off to the hospital in a bit with this on! :P)
The Base:

For this look, the base has to be glowy and natural but flawless —–> Read More