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Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to share with you my make-up and fashion goodies that I’ve been “collecting” and getting here in the UK! I’m really into affordable drugstore or “high street” as they call it here brands because I know that these are the products that I can’t get anywhere else but in the UK or London!  And, with the store coming along, it also makes for a healthier wallet and a few more savings! :) That being said, the best place to go here in London is Superdrug which is a health/beauty store just like Watsons in Singapore and Priceline in Australia.

We’ve all heard of Sleek and BarryM I’m sure if you’re a beauty blog reader and it was so cool —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

There’s just something about being 21 that makes you feel young, wild, and so free. They say being 21 is like finally wearing that dress you’ve always wanted to fit in or sky diving without your parents knowing. Nonetheless, it’s your prime time. Forever 21 has always been one of those stores I almost never come out empty handed and when I feel like shopping, I’ll shop. When I don’t, I won’t even if you forced me too. Just like you eat when you’re hungry, I’ll only shop when I feel like it. And well, this time, I felt it. The occasion? It’ll be my last semester of uni so I needed a few new outfits. Plus, —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is coming! That day comes with either two daily agendas. Number one, prancing around with your dream date or boyfriend of however long, or number two, moping around with a bowl of popcorn and the latest chic flick on TV. But, what if we eradicated that stereotype and regardless of date or no date, valentine or no valentine, we had a ball looking good anyway. I say hats off to that idea. And if there’s any expert in looking hot for this special day, Dress Sense at Raffles City is pretty much the place to be.

Dress Sense invited me to their store to pick out a few Valentines Day outfits and to have fun trying out their dresses and accessories. I thought —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

Thought I might just do a quick haul post in picture roll form! A few weeks back, Chadstone (a really big shopping mall here) had VIP night where all stores in the mall were about 15-20% off. Done with assignments, my friend and I made a quick trip there to see what deals we could bring home. Here’s what I brought home!

1. Sportsgirl Sweaters

I absolutely love knit sweaters, especially in winter and the awesome thing is during fall and spring, you can slip them on and not wear a coat and they look so soft and casual. Luckily that night, Sportsgirl had an additional 50% off all their sale items so I got two in pink —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

It’s time again to say goodbye to another year. I must say that 2010 was utterly fantastic – it was such a pleasure to meet some of you, get to know more companies, and even try a few more drugstore products. It’s always important to have memorable moments because it’s safe to say that 2010 will never pass us by again.
But with goodbyes come new hellos and the tradition of setting up new year resolutions. What are mine? Well besides the standard eat well and lose a few pounds, I want to be more fashionable. Thus, it’s always great to have friends who know what they’re talking about when it comes to —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to roseannebeauty’s first edition of Blogshop Spotlight. This is just my little way of giving back to small blogshops or online arenas because I know very well how it was like trying to get my name out in this huge sea of online haunts. This is just the first edition. I’m very well thinking of making a blogshop spotlight every two months about two or three notable blogshops at one go + a chance for giveaways. I think it would be a great way to help small blogshops get their name out, have great giveaways for everyone and I reckon a single post wouldn’t get in the way every two months or so. What do —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

* did not contact me for the following review, it’s not sponsored, totally my discovery and opinions about it.

The current state of my favourite shoes could be equivalent to searching google images for “old, yucky, tearing flats,” and I’m sorry to bombard you with this image of them to prove a point. I didn’t even bother to mark them because I figured no one would actually take this awful image:

* I deleted the image because i was sick of seeing it on my blog everyday ahah. :D Just take it that it was pretty gross haha

They’re a pair of ECCO’s, been around for about a year and it’s getting to it’s end life. It’s soles don’t —–> Read More


Today I got UGGs. You’re either 1.) Horribly disgusted, 2.) Interested because they’re cute or 3.) Happy for me cuz I’M HAPPY baybay!

Story? My mom bought me River Island Heeled boots for this semester and although pricy, I can’t wear them. I hate heels actually, they hurt, hurt hurt. I then went to SEED and got some suede leather boots but they hurt, so injured Roseanne rang up her Dad to see if she could get sheepskin ones and with a bit of hesitation when I mentioned the price, he replied with the usual “ok, if they’re going to last long, go ahead”. So here I am with a haul.
But prior to all investments as usual, I did —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

Check out the video:

Here are some looks :)

xxx —–> Read More