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When I first heard of cleansing oil – I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. I get oily fast and blotting sheets are like my best friends, so the idea of putting even more oil on my face was way out of the question. I always thought it would clog my pores even more and lead to a crazy amount of breakouts. Lately though, actually make that a few months now, I’ve been using a cleansing oil to take off my make-up before cleansing again with my normal cleanser and I have found it to be one of the best inventions ever. It is definitely something not to be intimidated —–> Read More

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There are a few ways that I make sure that I keep on top of makeup trends! Other than watching what people are doing on the street, I also make sure I observe what make-up is being put on the runways and done for celebrities at big award ceremonies like the Golden Globes 2014 that recently happened. Here are my top favourite looks from the Golden Globes and what I think is trending.

1. Pop of Color Lips


Thankfully, this is probably my favourite trend of all. A pop of color on the lips whether it be pink or orange or even a burst of red is what I like best. I mean, it’s the Golden —–> Read More

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I can’t say I don’t have a massive perfume collection, I do. Almost every semester brought me to this one perfume store in Melbourne Central during every exam season and buying a perfume because a stress releaser for me. I guess you could say it wasn’t too healthy for the wallet but I just love smelling good. I think every woman should and the beauty of it is that smell is so personal – not only in scent but also the memories that each perfume carries. Out of my entire collection – you could say three stand out the most. Whenever I open any of these perfumes I’ve chosen today, it brings back a wave of memories. It’s like opening this huge time capsule. I thought it would be fun to show you some of —–> Read More

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Ever so often, I like to update you on life, what goes on behind the scenes. – you know that stuff. June has been a pretty crazy month and so has the past few months ever since I came back from London. I launched the online store, I’ve been working on the blog part time and I’ve been a full time, professional and certified make-up artist. I juggle this between filming for Mediacorp ToggleTV (I have my own series called Beauty Basics now), voice-overs and speaking and hosting events too. I guess that’s what I do, although sometimes I feel like a third culture kid trying to explain it. Despite —–> Read More

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This is the only time I get to wear bad make-up and get away with it. I have to admit it and I’m sorry if I sound mean but there are times when I just wanna help a gal out. Either in the MRT, mall or even on the street, sometimes I just wonder what’s going on in their heads when they put on their make-up this morning. Being a make-up artist, it’s really hard not to look. Here are my top 5 make-up pet peeves (peeves are things that really annoy you) and how to fix them! They’re common make-up mistakes that everyone makes! Not like you gotta fix them for me, but let’s just say you gotta help yourself.

1. The Reverse Panda —–> Read More

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I’m sure we all know how to conceal, but what about colour correcting? No, I’m no talking about slapping on another foundation or concealer to “colour correct” our skin, but using actual cream colours to do the job. Using green and purple concealers might only make sense if you’re helping do Barney the Dinosaur’s make-up, but it can really actually help you achieve an even flawless base under your make-up. This is colour correcting.


Today I’m using my favourite which is the Make Up For Ever Camo Cream Palette. I always use this palette when I need to colour correct my —–> Read More

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I know it doesn’t look like it but I’ve actually been battling acne for a long time. My skin has attitude and breaks out in different periods of time for what seems like no absolute reason. It can have periods of peace and then have periods of war and you can see the war coming with small tiny bumps spread across my face. Thankfully, it has prepared me for battle so here I am sharing some tips to help keep your skin clearer including what works for me and what doesn’t.

1. Spot Treatment – Proactiv Repairing Lotion

My all time favourite acne treatment that doesn’t leave —–> Read More

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I can’t believe it’s over in two weeks. I still remember packing my bags (albeit very last minute), hopping on a plane and getting on the tube to my very first day of school. And now, it’s already week 7! Finally attending make-up school was a big dream of mine. Even though to be honest most of my friends and family questioned what more I could learn there, I learned an immense amount. It wasn’t so much about theory, but the experience of applying make-up on people day in day out and being professional about it is what helped! In fact, applying make-up on someone else is totally —–> Read More

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I don’t know about you but in the fast and busy pace of today, I’m always on the look-out for multi-taskers and as a make-up artist, it’s really important to find products that are multi-use so that we can save space in our kits, and save time. Here’s three products that you can use for multiple uses and are ever so handy on the go, travelling or if you’re just plain lazy. Tsk Tsk. Jokes.

1. Superhero Stick Foundations

Any foundation that you use can be “doubled up” to act as a concealer. What a concealer really is, is just product that has concentrated pigment, more concentrated than your foundation so —–> Read More

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Everyone knows that one of the costs to being is make-up artist is how ridiculously expensive make-up can be. I find myself buying make-up shades that aren’t for myself, cool blushes and lipsticks and crazy colours – plus the odd accessory like sponges, disposable mascara wands, Q-Tips and skincare for toning, cleansing and extra moisturising. In fact, building your make-up kit can be tough. But, here are a few tips from make-up school that may make it easier on your wallet!

1. Mix and Match

They say that if a foundation is in the same line and is composed of the same texture, you can mix shades to get —–> Read More

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We’ve all been there. We’ve just finished an amazing smokey eye but the eye-shadow has gotten all over our cheeks and underneath. If we touch to remove it, it smears making it even worse. Here’s an really simple solution to clearing up the mess in no time:

Really all you have to do is get a Q-tip or fold a cotton pad into a tip and apply some foundation on the back of your hand. Using your Q-tip, grab some of the foundation, smear it until just a bit is on the Q-tip and wipe and swipe away the eye-shadow. Not only does it remove the eye-shadow, it also —–> Read More

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The first time I spotted Caviar nails, it instantly reminded me of yummy vanilla cupcakes and sprinkles. Of course, I thought it was a bit odd and then it grew on me. It’s an adorable nail trend and after seeing Fleur De Force’s blog post on the MUA (Make Up Academy) Nail Constellations, I had to go out and get myself some from Superdrug, the local health/beauty pharmacy in London. It’s much like Watsons in Singapore or Priceline in Australia. I obviously couldn’t wait to sprinkle magic on my fingernails so here’s my first try at it! I think the MUA Nail Constellations are great, they’re the cheaper version of the known Ciate nails and only cost me about £3!

What You’ll Need for Caviar Nails:

The caviar —–> Read More

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I wasn’t born lucky in the sensitive skin department. I’m horribly prone to break-outs from reasons like a simple change of weather to a bit more stress. That being said, I’ve been an expert in covering up pimples and zits so here are a few of my top tips. I thought it might not be great to show you blemishes on my face so I decided to just “talk” about it. :)

#1 The Best Concealer for covering Acne is…

The best concealer to use for acne spots or blemishes would have to be a balm or cream concealer with decent coverage. My favourite is the M.A.C studio finish concealer that comes in a pot because it is so —–> Read More

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(image credits to Google Images)
With so many varieties of foundation, it’s hard not to scratch your head at the shelves when you’re looking for one that’s suitable for your skin. So here’s a guide to the different types of foundation – their consistencies, the best way to apply them, and also what skin type they’re most suited for. Hopefully, these tips will clear the air.

1. Liquid Foundation 

Description: Liquid foundation is probably the most common type of foundation out there. It usually comes in screw top or pump bottles and are usually in the consistency of —–> Read More

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Little do we know, there’s a bunch of awesome tools online that can help us explore more about make-up besides catching up on your favorite blogs and youtube channels. Here’s a list of my favorite make-up related websites that not only can show you what make-up works best for you, but also how to get that shade you need even before walking into a store (and even in the comfort of your own home).

1. Makeupbee (

Makeupbee is something a little new. It was first introduced to me by a good friend in it’s early stages but it has grown into a whole (and pretty awesome) makeup community. If you hate clicking multiple links just —–> Read More

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The world of beauty can be a little crazy. Sometimes, it goes beyond crazy rainbow lashes from Shu Uemura or sci-fi theater effects into current trends like these which I found quite interesting to share. I don’t suggest you wear these out because you’ll probably gain more than a few weird stares but if you’re like Lady Gaga, maybe you won’t mind at all.

1. Paperlife Eyelashes

This is taking fake lashes to the next level. I saw these babies at Sephora in Singapore and wondered when I could ever wear them. They might even be equivalent to those sneaky heels you bought this weekend —–> Read More

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Merry Christmas! While Santa is devising a way to stuff his way through your chimney tonight and scrummy christmas puddings and sugar plums are being made, I thought one way to add to the Christmas cheer would be to give you something you could do for an upcoming christmas party or dinner. Whether it’s a company occasion or a family affair, looking party ready all night can be difficult but here are my top 5 few tips to help your make-up stay longer and your Christmas a little sweeter this holiday season.

1. Stock up on Primers

Face and eye primers are equally important if you’d like —–> Read More

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There are many times when I’m walking down the street and I notice a beautiful girl. Eye-make-up down wonderfully, blush applied perfectly, foundation is flawless until I see her lips and they are either basically erased or filled up with an unflattering color. I think lipsticks should only be worn if they flatter you – the right lipstick shade will be able to give you almost a face lift, enhancing your skin tone and making your eyes look brighter. I have to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of nude lips at all. I just don’t see the point of erasing your beautiful lips. —–> Read More

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We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day at uni, or work, we either have a bad case of the oilies or our blush or lipstick has now faded. Even better, a hot date is waiting for us tonight and there is just no way that we can beat the rush hour and head home first. Thus, there’s always a reason to bring along a few make-up items in a small pouch in case of any hot mess emergencies. I thought it would be fun to open up my little make-up emergency kit and show you my top tips and items to touching your make-up throughout the day!

It’s pretty packed in here, but seriously for good reason. The key is to —–> Read More

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When watching the latest fashions walk down the runway, we’re probably focusing on one thing – the clothes. Litte do we know that the models wearing these beautiful dresses are also sporting the season’s make-up trends. Here’s a little snapshot of five make-up trends for Fall/Winter 2011 including – nude make-up, strong brows, orange eye-shadow and dark red vampy lips! Plus, I’ve included a few make-up tips to make these into more wearable versions for every day. Let’s get to the runway!

1. Radiant Nude Make-Up

Nude make-up has always been a classic but for Fall/Winter, designers are taking this trend to the next level. It’s the barely there —–> Read More

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I’m sure we all remember our first night out with the girls. You’re a little nervous because you don’t know what a club will be like, you’re not sure if your dress is a little too revealing but I think most of all, you’re worried about your make-up. To be totally club – proof, your make-up has to survive a few hours of dancing in a crowded room with loud music and lots of people. It’s not going to be easy. So, here’s my top three foundations to wear and a few tips to keeping flawless for a good night out. I’m not a serial clubber but I do go out with my girls every now and then. By the way,  that’s me and —–> Read More

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Finding the perfect scent can be hard. You walk into a perfumery or your local Sephora and in front of you sits hundreds of different brands of perfume. I reckon your little nose gets tired of the scents after a while and for me at least, I walk out of the store with more than a few mixes already on me. Honestly, scoring a free spray is always a hit with me. But, it can be hard to find the perfect scent for the season, an occasion and mostly for yourself. In fact, did you know that it’s always good to have a signature scent? People (cough boys) can recognize your scent —–> Read More

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I don’t know about you but I sure think that buying makeup at the counter can get pricey. Too pricey in fact. In Australia, my wallet can go on a lean and mean diet for dishing out 39 bucks for a revlon foundation at Priceline when I know I can get it in the states for $8 which explains my dreary late night activity of hunting down beauty bargains at the following online stores. Probably one of the second best feelings in the world is returning home from a day of studying only to plop down on your bed, whip out the card and in a state of bluriness do some good old online retail therapy. One of —–> Read More

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Honestly, the time I spend on the net is probably more than a normal girl should ever spend on the internet but that makes me more prone to coming across cool and funny things, especially those related to beauty and makeup. In this post, I’ve sort of collected my findings into one to introduce to you the funniest or weirdest beauty products that have graced planet earth. Hear me out, some of you may take offense to what I’m about to find out as weird or funny but please take it as lighthearted fun or forever hold your peace.

1. Justine Bieber’s Nail Polish Line and Perfume

The picture tells it —–> Read More

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There are just some rules and guidelines to makeup that everyone should know, so I decided to do an entry on what my top 5 beauty don’ts and do’s are. Do beware though, I might offend some people in this post, nothing personal, but please don’t spear me on a rod and roast me like a marshmallow later. Take it as well, constructive criticism. Let’s have some fun.


1. Don’t Tatoo Your Eyebrows – Murder Charges Apply

Sometimes when I walk around back in Singapore, I see these wonderful old ladies with blue eyebrows. I don’t mean to be brutally brash or rude, it’s just that it’s totally unflattering. If you haven’t heard of this —–> Read More

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Like all of us, when I first started watching youtube videos, I was kind of lost in cyberworld. It was prom and my mom wasn’t going to dish out eighty bucks at Bobbi Brown so I could get my makeup done. So, I looked for a tutorial online and soon my makeup craze soon bubbled and boiled until it grew to what it is now. I have to say that when I first landed my eyes on youtube, I was quite intimidated. People were using products that I didn’t have and I didn’t know where to get. Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit? But Benefit was like fifty bucks for one product, how was I to —–> Read More

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Blessed with less than flawless skin, I’ve always been a fan of foundations. Plus, with my wallet losing more weight than I can lose by only eating apples, I thought it would be awesome to list out my five favourite drugstore foundations to fuel your healthy or not so healthy addiction to makeup. In this post, I’ll be talking about my five favourite foundations or bases or whatever you wish to call them and talk about what they are, why I love them and a few caution points to consider before you grab it off the shelves the next time you’re there. Let’s go!

1. Maybelline SuperStay 24Hr Foundation

What is it? This is a liquid —–> Read More

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I have to say that I’m a foundation buff and just as there are so many varieties of foundation, there are just as many varieties of methods to apply them. Today in this post, I thought it would be handy to point out the five main methods of applying your foundation, the tools involved, what kind of foundations work best with what and the finishes that you’ll eventually receive. In no time, you’ll be able to figure out how to get the most flawless face out of the foundation that you’ve recently purchased at the store.

1. Use a Foundation Paddle Brush!

Probably —–> Read More

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Let’s set the scene. You’ve only just started to explore the world of makeup, you have your eye-shadows infront of you, the same primer, the same brushes and you open up youtube, click on an eye-makeup tutorial ready to take on the world. As you apply the shadows with a quick hand just like the guru in the video, you don’t know why at the end of the video when you look in the mirror, you look nothing like your ”idol” on-screen.

Image Source: Google Images

I’ve been there. And it’s not to add to any racial slurs, it’s because everyone is different and every eye-shape is —–> Read More

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This is possibly one one of my most frequently asked makeup questions on the list. I receive emails and questions about helping people find their foundation shade because they can’t whip out the testers at the drugstore. Not to fret, superman might be late, but I am here yet again to save the day.

*Image Source: Beautylish

1. Observe your undertone

You can observe your undertone by flipping your forearm over. If your veins that show through your underarm skin appear green, then you have a yellow or warm undertone and if your veins appear blue/purple-ish, then you have a pink or cool undertone. This is because —–> Read More

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I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing my newsfeed and twitterfeed filled lately with updates regarding the hot, hot, hot Singapore weather. Although the weather would be quite welcoming here in Melbourne being about ten to fifteen degrees right now nearing winter, I thought it would be pretty handy to state my top ten tips to keeping your make-up fresh during the summer time.

Just to set the scene if you live near Antartica, summer weather means pearls of sweat and lots of it, hot weather that can turn your make-up look from fresh and fabulous to a flop in minute and foundation —–> Read More

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I don’t know about you, but I have an absolute obsession with perfumes. If I walk into a department store, I’m instantly gravitated towards perfumes and out comes my sniffing nose to sniff pretty much all the perfumes the store has to offer. I also think smelling good on a daily basis is important to your overall image so today, I’ll be talking about my current perfume collection – a little obsession that has overtaken make-up for the meantime and has turned my vanity into a little bottle house.

YSL Parisienne Eau De Parfum

I usually tend to go for fresh or floral scents, so this one is a bit out of the norm. —–> Read More