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If you’re having a blush emergency, pick up the phone and call…Fine One One! I’ve been recently into cream blushes, something I never really enjoyed until now. I love how they’re totally on the go, they don’t need an additional brush to slap on and they give an irreplaceable natural glow. Here’s my review of a fairly new one that’s hit the market – the Benefit Cosmetics Fine One One!


The Fine One One actually claims to be a brightening stick more than a cream blush. I think the most appropriate category to put this in is a cream blush stick. And seriously, they need more of these around. —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!


Cream blush has always been a love it or hate it product for me. If applied to heavily, I look like Krusty the Clown and for some reason it never wants to stay on your cheek right? So today I’m going to teach you how to properly apply cream blush so that you get the exact color every time.

Cream blush is simply a blush in cream consistency. Almost every big name make-up brand has a cream blusher and for good reason. They give you a healthy glow especially great for photoshoots when you want to a healthy and glowing finish on your model.


The trick to applying cream blush is to apply it only after your —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

We all know that Topshop makeup has been around for a while now. The definetly different packaging of white chalk on black paper, squiggly sketches of make-up products has always caught my attention but I never really dove in for the kill until now.  I’m like a stubborn cat when I’m shopping. When I want to go shopping, I really go shopping. When I want to try something out, I want to try it all. And if I’m not in the mood, my parents have even begged me to buy something. Anyway, enough of being silly, here’s my take, opinion, review, whatever floats your boat of the majority of the make-up products.  Let’s get —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

There’s just something about Japanese makeup that makes you want to run around in a flurry of pink, diamonds and kawaii. It’s the whole aura of funny colored lenses, much too flattering eye-lashes and voluminized hair in every color but your own.

When we think Asian makeup, that’s probably the image we’re able to muster up almost instantly. Face it, it’s the packaging and the girls at the purikura photobooths that have us wishing we were 2D. Personally though, I’ve never really bought into this packaging mainly for well two reasons. Number one being that I never felt that I could ever be priviledged —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

Along with my MAC brushes, my NARS blushes are probably one of my most prized posessions in my make-up collection. In fact, they pretty much have a drawer to themselves. With racy names like “Orgasm” and “Deep Throat”, NARS created an international stir but a justified one at that for their blushes are simply amazing.  With beautiful shades and lasting colors, it’s pretty much what every blush should strive to be like.

I have in total six single NARS Blushes and one NARS Duo in Albatross and Torrid. I’ve also attatched ratings to each blush in the form of a scale of cute little red hearts. A magnificent, must get blush is 5 hearts and a —–> Read More

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I hope your day is going stellar. Today I’ll be doing a review of a pretty stellar product – the highly raved Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. If ever you think of the brand Bobbi Brown, the shimmer bricks are probably one of the first products you can call up. These babies aren’t just blushes, or face powders, they’re shimmery highlighters that are supposed to add radiance and a healthy beam to any look.

Let’s look at the Packaging:

It’s packaged in a sturdy, commonly high-end case with a mirror and the brick much like a mineralized skinfinish, but baked in strips. The Body Shop has a —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

I’m back! I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I just want to give you a big bear hug for being so patient, I had exams to attend to which explains my dishelved appearance in these photos but hopefully they’ll do.

I’ll be doing a review on YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. We’ve all seen it, probably know what it does but does it work? I’d have to give it my thumbs up. It was definitely a life saver during study time when my eye bags were become more obvious and I just looked plain tired. You’ll see my triple eye-lids, I only get those when I’m not sleeping enough.

DISCLAIMER: This product was —–> Read More