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Finding a lipstick favourite in my jungle of a collection is pretty difficult but I’ve found myself using one time and time again so today I was like, why aren’t I telling you about it?! It’s the Burberry Lip Velvet in Redwood and it happens to be right now my all time favourite subtle matte finish lipstick.


First of all, it is instantly classy and chic. I mean look at the packaging – even the lipstick is printed with the signature Burberry pattern and the case is embossed with it. I love how the formula is so smooth and creamy. Not that wet creamy though, just kind of like —–> Read More

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Today is the start of YSL week! Well, that’s what I’m going to call it anyway. I’ll be reviewing three of my favourite items from Yves Saint Laurent make-up in three seperate posts! I love YSL make-up. They have the sophistication and class I love mixed with high performing and dependable products. I’ll be reviewing specifically some of the more popular make-up items from the iconic brand – being the YSL Touche Eclat, Le Teint Touche Eclat Liquid Foundation and the YSL Glossy Stain in 104!


I thought I’d start off with the YSL Glossy Stain. It’s been raved about so much so I was super excited to —–> Read More

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I’ve been sporting red lips like nobody’s business – just like or so it seems – the rest of the world. When I walk around Orchard road, I’m seeing more people with red lips than ever before so today, I decided to do my guide to getting those perfect red lips. I love red lips because they just stand out from the crowd. They’re able to make your entire look come alive and turn tired faces into energetic ones even though we might be faking it. For this post, I’ve chosen a few of my favourite tips and my favourite red lipsticks (with lip swatches too!) to show you.


If you ask any makeup artist or —–> Read More

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I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted to try this. Probably ever since I fell in love with the Clinique Chubby Sticks and immediately classified them as possible dupes. Or maybe it seemed as if every train station was covered with them and Emma Stone’s face. Whatever it may be, I finally bought them at the airport so I could get them Duty Free when I was on the way to Bangkok (which I can’t wait to blog about later). So it’s the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain a dupe of the Clinique Chubby Stick? I’ve found that the packaging may be dupes of the Clinique Chubby Stick but it’s formula feels and even —–> Read More

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I’m sure us ladies are always on the hunt for that perfect lip gloss. One that isn’t sticky, doesn’t clump at the end of the day one that can make our lips that much juicer. Well ladies, I have your answer – it’s the Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited Lip glosses. I have been trying these out for a while and I have fallen in love with them. They aren’t sticky, are really hydrating in fact and come in so many colors, you can probably have one for every outfit! In this post, I’ll be doing a review, tutorial on trendy lip gloss looks as seen on Spring runways, showing you some of my personal favourites and ending with a giveaway of one of them!


Shu Uemura has always been on the —–> Read More

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I’m sure we’ve all dreamnt of a lipstick that doesn’t need touching up and that stays on even after we’ve eaten. And guess what I’ve found, the perfect solution. It’s the new addition to the Revlon lipstick family, the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks. Matte lips have been really in lately too so I was happy to try this baby out!


The lipstick comes in a cute cylinder/clear casing. As you rotate to draw more lipstick out, it has a clicking sound. Overall, it’s great that you can see the color of the lipstick clearly especially when you’re grabbing between many in your make-up case. —–> Read More

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Putting on eyeshadow that’s not a shade of brown isn’t commonplace for me. Especially lilac. So when Bobbi Brown introduced me to what’s in store for Spring 2013 and their Lilac Rose Collection, I wasn’t convinced that a pastel shade of purple pink could be so inviting. I was wrong. The Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection is beautiful and despite what seems like cool tones, they still work on warmer tones like me. The Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection was inspired by sweet candy and jellies that Bobbi Brown saw in a jar and it reminded her that lilac could be a universal color for all skin tones. But enough talk, here are some of the stars of the —–> Read More

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Lip liner is one of those love it or don’t know it kind of products. Most of us don’t even use lip liner and reach straight for our lipsticks right? I know I used to. But I find that for bold lips – whether it’s red, pink or even orange –  nothing beats a good lip liner to really define your lips and make sure that your lipstick doesn’t move or fade.

The best lip liners are smooth, easy to apply, sharp and pigmented. You need to be able to get pigment by a very light trace of the pencil. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to apply your lip liner. Of course the way you do this is just like eye liner in that you have thousands of —–> Read More

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It’s silly, but it’s true. Sometimes with all the lip colours out there, we just don’t know which one to whip on. Do we go pale like Kim Kardashian or pink like Nicki Minaj?

Well, here’s the answer. Simply go 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural lip color to find your most flattering, natural shade. Simply smack your lips together tightly and see the color your lips produce when you let go. That, my love, would be your go to daily lip color. If you want your lipstick to last longer, grab a lip liner and fill in your lips first before applying your lipstick.

Of course you might argue that you’re in love —–> Read More

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We all know that Topshop makeup has been around for a while now. The definetly different packaging of white chalk on black paper, squiggly sketches of make-up products has always caught my attention but I never really dove in for the kill until now.  I’m like a stubborn cat when I’m shopping. When I want to go shopping, I really go shopping. When I want to try something out, I want to try it all. And if I’m not in the mood, my parents have even begged me to buy something. Anyway, enough of being silly, here’s my take, opinion, review, whatever floats your boat of the majority of the make-up products.  Let’s get —–> Read More

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There’s nothing like hot pink lips. Or, any kind of pink lips for that matter. It’s not as bold as a sexy, classic red and neither quiet as a flowery nude. It’s probably one of my favorite fun lip colors to wear. I thought it would be cool to show you how I get my variations of pink lips – from a subtle hot pink gloss to a bold OCC lip tar. Let’s get started!
These happen to be my favorite hot pink lip products! I’ll show you what they look like on my lips and give a little review!

The first one is the Sportsgirl Liquid Lip Color in Forever Young. Sportsgirl make-up is a little underrated. I just love their lip products —–> Read More

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I don’t know how many times I saw these babies on instagram, being tweeted and being ripped off the shelves at Priceline. Despite telling myself time and again that I didn’t need a new lipstick, I just had to. Plus priceline had a 2 for 1 deal and buying them at a regular 20+ dollar tag was way too out of my league for a drugstore purchase. I have to say that these are absolutely wonderful, now let’s take a look at why.

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters state that:

So basically, you’re looking at absolutely moisturising lipsticks that have hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula and are —–> Read More

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To be honest, I’ve never been a total Shisedo buff until they asked me to preview their Spring collection about a year ago. In the gift bag were a few items from the collection and this lipstick and not to metion one of the best lipglosses I have ever tried. I probably will term Shiseido as my lipgloss go-to brand because it takes not feeling anything to another level. Today I’ll be reviewing the Shiseido Perfect Rougue Tender Sheer Lipstick.
First of all, who doesn’t love the packaging of this baby. It’s sleek, encased in metal and I love the beautiful contours of the —–> Read More

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Time to add another post to my Ultimate Lipstick Review series. Probably one of the most overhyped products there are, are MAC lipsticks. I remember being crazy about them and now I’ve ended up with 12 or so lipsticks that I totally could do without. But despite the jazzy names and colors, is there really substance to these lipsticks? Honestly, in comparison to other lipsticks I’ve tried, they really lack. But, things are easier said than done so let’s look at one famous MAC lippie in Plink and forget about the YouTube hype that made me buy these lipsticks in the first place.

MAC —–> Read More

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Having a schmexy dark lipstick in your collection can really amp things up, or shall I say “vamp” things up. Although I do need to work on the puns,  I do like Benefit products and one product I absolutely love are their lipsticks. Smooth, silky and very pigemented, these lipsticks for sure pack a punch when it comes to putting on a bold lip. Let’s take a closer look at their Silky Finish Lipsticks!


Benefit Silky Finish Lipsticks come in a sleek black metal tube. It’s like lipstick in a can. Lightweight, simple, there’s not much else to say about the packaging except to stare blankly —–> Read More

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After about more than a month of studying for exams, I am now taking the exams so I haven’t been able to dedicate myself fully to the YouTube department just yet. I hope you don’t mind the influx of more general beauty basic posts as well as my current lipstick frenzy. Cool stuff will follow once I finish these dreaded papers. *Faints*. Next time, I want all my exams in one week. I had my running shoes on at the start of exam season, but now I’m just crawling through.

On a lighter note, thanks to my previous looks of the day on my Facebook page (, I’ve been getting a —–> Read More

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There is always that one lipstick in your collection that makes you feel powerful. For me, it’s a lipstick that I’ve always cradled and that is the Chanel Rouge Allure in Super. The Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks are my ultimate favourite lipsticks. They are smooth on the lips but they feel light enough to be worn everyday. They do not carry a heavy scent yet their pigmentation is for sure something to yell loud and proud for. In fact, I like comparing them to being on Cloud 9. Little do we know that if you are a black haired beau, hot pink lipsticks will look great on you so read on!

The —–> Read More

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Sorry for the 11 or so days I haven’t blogged. I feel so out of touch with my online self but it’s exam season and I’m sure you’re ether quite familiar or currently also traumatised. You get the idea.

For the next month or so, we shall immerse ourselves here in roseannebeauty land in a lipstick jungle. Although that phrase seems to be present in every metropolitan like movie, I’m not quite sure what it means. Either way, I’ll be hitching a ride and telling you to come along on my new series – the roseannebeauty Ultimate Lipstick Series – showcasing the drugstore and later department store lipsticks —–> Read More

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I’ve only started getting into the mood of wearing lipsticks and this is one lipstick that I have enjoyed using. I didn’t particularly buy this product, nor was it sent to me. It was part and parcel of a goodie bag from a L’Oreal beauty workshop I attended thanks to Meld Magazine. Nonetheless, I decided to do a review of my new everyday favourite.

The packaging looks like some extraterrestrial lipstick ready to be launched into space. It does look like a lipstick for older women:

What’s this lipstick particularly about?

L’Oreal boasts that it’s special mainly because of three things:

1. —–> Read More

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* I suggest watching the video! You’ll be able to see how the product applies and the finishing effect as I’ve applied each lip tar for you!*

I think everyone on onsugar Singapore has one of these babies in their make-up stash thanks to Sophia (, so I thought it would be fun to give my two cents worth about the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars to see if you agree. I first saw the paints on YouTube via xsparkage or petrilude and I’ve always wanted to get my hands on them to really see if they are all the buzz. So, when I saw them selling at IMATS, I picked up three or what was —–> Read More


Confused at the counter? Don’t worry, I’ve tried my best to give you a guide to each finish and a few swatches of my own M.A.C lipstick collection and honestly, It’s pretty simple really.

In order of how pigmented the finishes are from least to greatest:

1. Glaze

The only finish I didn’t purchase any lipsticks from. Why? Little to no color pay off and a quiet sheen. It’s too sheer, it’s a bit useless actually but it does have a bit of moisturizing power. It’s like a tinted moisturiser. They look hot in the tube but it’s like the chiffon on top, maybe its that lipstick you use when you don’t want to wear anything that day —–> Read More

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I just wanted to post a review about NYX Lipsticks which I am absolutely loving at the moment. I don’t have any picatures because I forgot to take them and now they’re packed in a bag and my sister’s friend has just moved into my room so I’m gonna post my recent video on here which is basically what I want to say:

Wow. I don’t have much time here…1 more full day! Tomorrow! Omy gosh, its really surreal.

One band I’m LOVING is The Script! I just discovered it although they’re famous for The Man Who Can’t be —–> Read More