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So you’ve probably come across this page wondering who I am. Well, my name is really Roseanne Tang. I’m 22, I’ve done my gig studying at the University of Melbourne, pursuing a Commerce degree in Marketing and Management and now I do freelance social media and I’m a professional make-up artist with a IMA diploma from the London School of Beauty & Make-Up. I’d say it makes for a pretty nice fit. Other than the neccessary introduction, somewhere in my chromosomes I was injected with what I call a blogger’s gene giving me the insatiable appetite to say whatever comes to mind honestly, blatantly but most of all, innocently. Though I can keep your secret very well, keeping a secret about myself is a very different story.
I’m inspired by the strong, the individual, the confident, the powerful and the beautiful. Some say I look at the world a little differently. I pay attention to the details and I’m constantly looking for something to do. I’m hard to explain. I’m quite loud, I act like I’m 5 sometimes, and if I don’t feel comfortable with you, I’ll shut myself down like a turtle back into it’s shell. Like everyone, I’m a mix of things. I’m more of a day person than a night and I know that hard work and passion does pay off.
If you told me that one day I would be blogging and youtubing beauty, I’d probably laugh at you and give you something to do. Well, perhaps not as bossy but I was quite the little CEO in high school, never Ms. Beauty Queen, and the girl that everyone wanted to see get an actual life. Silly. I know that now, If you care about the world and the people, I promise I’ll like you.
I didn’t always think like that though. I get that “Why are you doing this?” query quite a bit and I guess my answer along with helping the world be a better place was that something had happened. It’s not the main topic I love to talk about, but it’s undeinably the truth. I have to say that I was a good kid but I wasn’t great. I had a lot to do, was in charge of a lot of things and I wasn’t Mrs. Friendly – i’ll put you before my work – sort of kid. I was rather brash, competitive and I cared about what I looked like but not to any extent that I would spend two minutes more putting my foundation on before I had to speed off to a meeting again.
But with all stable situations when you least expect it, they change. I had to re-think my life and situation. Sometimes when you have so much to do, you lose focus about what is really important and at the end of the day, what is really important is you. You gotta iron your own wrinkles out first before you iron the wrinkles of others. At the end of the day, we leave the world alone no matter how rich our lives are. Don’t get me wrong though, friends and family are very important as well. I invested a ton of time doing things –  that the event of losing one aspect of my life really shook the delicate balance that I had known as me.
I needed something that could bring my confidance back, that would act as a solace, the only magical moment I had before the busy day started. I looked to beauty and make-up and I must say that it really did throw a rope for me to climb out of quite a dark recess and for that, I am forever gratetful. How did that happen? It was the fifteen minutes before school each day that I would sit in front of my vanity, and apply my make-up for no one else, not that cute boy in my afternoon class, but for me. It’s simply a tribute to yourself.
This is the exact reason why I get a bit defensive when people dismiss the beauty and make-up section as fake or unimportant. People who call make-up wearers fake judge them on the wrong factor. Whether someone is fake or not depends on who they are inside, not what they look like. Thus, there is no basis to their judgement. What I love about make-up and beauty is that it’s not only an expression of who you are, but it’s a tool to help people feel more confidant and feel more powerful. You can only feel beautiful when you yourself believes that you are. Everyone can tell you that you are countless times but the magic only comes when you believe it. I want you to believe it.
roseannetangrs was created to express just that. It’s where beauty is a size fits all, a place that inspires, encourages ample dreaming and gives that pat on the back when people need to just breathe. Why? Its because I believe that we deserve to be whoever we want to be. You’re not a cog in a machine, you’re an individual. Most of all, I hope it taps you on the shoulder to remind you to be yourself and that yourself is the best person to be.
Beauty has inspired me – I only want to pay it forward.

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