Need a new Scent? Introducing L'Occitane Collection De Grasse & Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!
They say that scents are collections of memories. A whiff of something can instantly bring you back to a moment in time. I reckon it’s like wearing a memory. If you are in need of a new perfume, I’m proud to announce that L’Occitane has just come out with four new scents available Tuesday this coming week in stores which are all worth a whiff! They smell amazing! It’s the L’Occitane Collection De Grasse range which I had the honor of previewing a few weeks ago!
Grasse is actually a town in France were local growers cultivate jasmine, rose, orange blossom and violet flowers. It’s actually undeniably the world capital of perfumery, a place that unites precious ingredients from near and far. In fact, the greatest perfumers in the world learned their skills in the laboratories of Grasse for centuries! Karine Dubreuil is the perfumer for L’Occitane who has worked for various major perfume houses. She is the nose behind many famous fragrances already and created the compositions for the L’Occitane Collection De Grasse. They’re a union of complimentary ingredients and that’s why they smell so good!
The perfumes use luxurious ingredients. The Vert & Bigarade can actually be worn for men and women and reminds us of a summer’s day. It is a very refreshing scent with Greet Tea extracts from Japan and bitter oranges from Tunisia! If you are a fan of the citrus fragrance, I totally recommend it. Head notes are oranges and bitter orange, heart notes being green tea while base notes are cedar, thyme and musk.
The Jasmin & Bergamote is a light, graceful and delicate scent. The perfume unites Jasmine flowers from Grasse and Egypt and bergamot from Italy. Two types of jasmine are needed from different locations to balance petals, leaves freshness and sensuality. It’s headnotes are mandarine orange and Bergamot, heart notes being Jasmine and lemon leaves and base notes being sandalwood and cedar. This fragrance comes with a wonderful hair mist too! Hair smelling nice is an absolute must-do!
The Magnolia & Mure fragrance is my ultimate favourite one. It’s a sensual and mysterious fragrance with deep and tender blackberry notes. However, those notes are balanced by the magnolia flower. The Magnolia essence in the fragrance is from the Far East and the blackberry infusion from the South of France. It smells amazing! Head notes are bergamot and blackberry, heart notes being Magnolia and Rose and Base notes being patchouli and moss.
The Vanilla & Narcisse is for all of the vanilla lovers out there but now with a twist. Unlike just a normal plain jane classic vanilla fragrance, it’s a vanilla lightly enveloped with white flowers. Those white flowers are the scent of the narcissus which L’Occitane has brought from France. The vanilla absolute in the fragrance comes from Madagascar. It’s a warm fragrance and it’s headnotes are blackcurrant and bergamot, heart notes being Narcissus, gardenia and base notes being Vanilla, tonka bean.
We even got creative at the event, making our own L’Occitane scarves! We had fun splattering paint on muslin cloths. I chose the colours of La Collection De Grasse – being yellow, purple, pink, orange and green!
I haven’t been art and crafty for a long time and it felt really good! Hey, I’m actually pretty proud of myself.
Along with La Collection De Grasse, you’ll be wanting their gift sets. To be honest, sometimes I purchase the gift sets first to try out everything before I dive into getting a full sized version. Plus, I love gift sets because it means my friends and family get to try out more things!
Like this one! If you are as indecisive as me, or like the whole lot, then go ahead and get the mini versions. I know how long it takes to finish one bottle so I like getting mini versions for myself so I can change it up.
La Collection De Grasse also comes with lotions, shower gels and even perfumed soap bars. So if you can’t get enough of your favourite scent, then you can always use the whole range!
 Time for a Giveaway!
And finally, folks – Giveaway Time!
Up for grabs is this set below that consists of a L’Occitane La Collection De Grasse pouch (which is perfect as a make-up bag), Magnolia & Mure EDT 7.5mL and  Magnolia & Mure Body Milk  50mL! Magnolia & Mure happens to be my favourite scent so I thought it would be more than appropriate!
Just comment with what you’re thankful for right now – it could be a person, a place, a thing, something that happened – anything you’re thankful for. I have two sets to giveaway so just go ahead and enter!
Have a fab weekend!


  • Yuka Yotsumoto

    I’m thankful for my work family that is so kind and lovely, I’m thankful for the luck I’ve been blessed with on various occasions, I’m thankful that I didn’t let depression take over me, I’m thankful for the support and love I’ve gotten when I was having a very difficult time with my breakup, and I’m thankful some people have shown me how shitty human nature can be and what a jerk some people can be so I’ve learnt who I can trust and who are worth keeping in my life.
    Thanks Roseanne, I miss you!

  • Sharon NGO

    I’m thankful for my parents and blessed to have their understanding and support all he time. Most of the time, they just stood by my side through all. In my study time, they knew it wasn’t really the course that I choose for, but because they couldn’t afford for a private institution, they persuaded me to go for it. I was having hard time trying to catch up. They knew, and instead pushing me for good grades, they only asked me to do my best. At least this choice promises good career path. Then comes the day when I enter the working world. The lazy me started searching when it’s the end of my term when others have already found one before the term begins. And I ended up accepting what comes first. My parents are worried for me, afraid that I keep comparing with others and get into depression. So they told me if the job doesn’t suits you, just quit. “We can take care of our own, and don’t worry, mom and dad are still earning enough for all of us.” How much more can I ask from them when they are willing to give me everything. As the youngest, I looked independent, in fact, I’m not. I knew I always made them worry but they never voice out in front of me. Now being far way from them, I realize mom and dad are the best parents ever.

  • Emily Wong

    I’m thankful for my opportunity to go to Cusco, Peru and the Amazon rainforest and work in hospitals and clinics as part of my first year elective in med school! I’ve never travelled to South America before and I have no grasp of the Spanish language but I look forward to the challenge and the amazing experience. I’m very excited to see a whole different culture! I just have to get through my exams first!

  • Se Young

    I am thankful for my wonderful family that I can always lean on and supports me. I am blessed to have a family that loves me for who I am and believes/trusts my decisions. I am also thankful for having all my basic needs like access to clean water, shelter, a loving family, food and education. I hope that one day I can help others in need. I am also very thankful to have friends that love me for who I am and listens to my worries and helps me. I would also like to thank you for always having generous giveaways 🙂 Thanks Roseanne!

  • Natalie Stoute

    I’m thankful for google and helping me discover the best lipstick ever! Seriously, this is the perfect every day lippy that I have been searching for, FOR YEARS!! I want to do a happy dance, drink champagne, I’d even throw a party because of this find! Well here it is roseannetangrs….
    love love love it!

  • Pam

    I’m thankful for life. For wonderful, supportive family. For the opportunity to study and work overseas, for not just a job but also a career. For amazing friends who are more like second family, to a reminder everyday that I am blessed

  • Krystle

    I am so thankful for people looking after me after my recent surgery & helping me to get better

  • Jan S

    I’m so thankful for my family 🙂 love the review and thanks for the giveaway too!

  • C

    I try to be thankful daily, because sometimes I do get complacent. I am thankful for my family being so close knitted, because years ago, we weren’t that close until my granny passed on.

  • Amy Chen

    I am thankful for what I see in others around me. I used to be really mean to my mom because I found her naggy and annoying.. but when I see others doing it I really see how rude it is and I stopped doing it because I didn’t want others doing that to me especially my future children.

  • Annsley

    I am thankful for my dad. Though I always complain about him and his quirks, at the end of the day, I can always count on my dad to save me when I am in a pinch. It is quite a story about how he always nags at me about drinking alcohol when I am out with my friends. Just recently, I went for a wine pairing-degustation dinner with my friends. None of us drove since we knew about the wine-pairing. At the dinner, my friend couldn’t hold her liquor and became drunk. Needless to say, I spent half of my meal time at the restroom with her. Public transport was out of the equation since her house is not accessible by train and the buses stopped running. Taxi drivers in Perth also tend to refuse to take drunk passengers for fear of any vomit-mess. We couldn’t leave her to go home by herself and it was late at night, way past my dad’s bedtime. Anyhow, my dad called to demand what time I was coming home since it was so late and the dinner should have ended earlier. I explained the situation and was just going to say that I would be home later when, to my surprise, my dad asked me where we were and came to pick all of us up to send us home. He didn’t scold or nag (which is another surprise in itself) during the car journey and he didn’t say anything the day after too. All in all, I am super thankful for my daddy for being my Superman in my times of need.

  • DD

    I’m so thankful for having so special people around me – my family and my boy because they make me feel the happiest girl in the world…because when I’m near them I feel that I can achieve anything…because I feel pretty, supported and appreciated…because with them time flies…because I smile more…because with them life’s good 🙂
    Thanks for this giveaway, good luck to everybody!

  • Sng L K

    I’m thankful for all the wonderful people around me, making my life so smooth-sailing and beautiful.

  • onkeo

    I’m really grateful for a lot of things! However what I’m probably most grateful for is my family! Honestly they are my inspirations! I have my parents and 4 other siblings! I’ll never get bored talking to them hahaha (:

  • Thea

    I’m thankful to myself for having the courage to take a study break from law school to pursue my dreams. I’m thankful that my family (mom and dad) let me do so without being disappointed or mad. I don’t know what i would do without my parents really, they are the best!

  • Bea Dandan

    My family, friends and school for supporting me through these tough exam times!

  • jhoanne luna

    I’m thankful for my family for always being there to support me and help me when I needed it the most

  • Debra

    I am thankful for being alive and doing what i love as a job.
    A few years back, I had an accident which left me pretty fragile for a year.My back hurt severely when I stood for more than 2 hours or if I wasn’t in a good posture. I didn’t perform well in my job and I left. The accident was a miscarriage,my relationship with the man I thought was the one, soured greatly. We broke up not long after.
    No one expected that soon, I had a new love which made me realise the future wasn’t so bleak afterall.I had myself,my positive thoughts and a very loving group of people to count on.
    I am also now working in a non-profit organisation. My dream was to be a social worker since 17. I did not have any paper qualifications to be a full-fledged social worker but what I am doing now, is beyond that.
    It’s incredible how many things worked out, especially when i had a rocky past. As cliche as it sounds, the rainbow does appear after we got through the rain 😉

  • Calli

    I am thankful for my loving boyfriend, he always know how/when to brighten up my day.

  • Jia Xin

    I am thankful for my mom, who has worked extremely hard to raise her three children and I am grateful that she gave me the opportunity to pursue my studies abroad. Without her, I won’t be the person I am today. I’m thankful for having supportive siblings, and close friends who have grown with me for the past ten years. I am thankful for being offered a work experience opportunity. I prayed for it and my prayer was finally answered, and I’m thankful that my family and friends kept me in their prayers too.

  • Allison

    I am thankful for my family. My parents have always given me the freedom to make my own decisions, giving my room to grow and be independent. Although there were times when I have made the wrong choices, they do not discourage me but instead help me see things in the bigger picture. Recently I decided to
    I have always receive such tremendous support from them.

  • Soo Yee

    I’m thankful to have my mother-in-law who takes such great care of my daughter while I’m at work. I can be totally at ease at work knowing that my child is in not just good, but best hands. My mother-in-law is a real sweetheart – she would help us tidy up our place and prepare nutritious homecooked food for us too. I can never thank her enough.

  • Elena Tsai

    I am really thankful for my husband and two children. I have a friend who recently passed away from cancer and she has a small 2 year old. It made me realize how lucky I am to have such a beautiful family, full of life and love. Each one is special and I must have played my cards right, because I do not think I could have done any better. I love you guys!

  • Lynne

    I’m thankful for having the power to look into myself – to reflect, understand, embrace or change myself for the better. With each challenge I take up, I learn to treasure the experience, slowly address my shortcomings and build up on my strength in the process. Because of it, even in the darkest days, I can count on myself to find the inner motivation to pick myself up and carry on. This tremendous capability to learn from experience and improve ourselves is a blessed gift, for it doesn’t only make our lives more meaningful & enriching but also allows us to influence and change the lives of those we hold dear for the better.

  • Anne Neo

    I’m very thankful for my colleague right now. Though she irritates me at times, and also back stabbed me on few occasions, but I’m thankful to God that she’s here to train me to be more patient with people around me, to be more careful on the words I speak, and to be slow to anger.

  • saratini

    I am thankful for my dad because he has been there for me in my worse and good days. I feel extremely sad when I disappoint him. He is the best dad ever. When I failed my exams or didn’t get into a good school, he doesn’t scold me or call me stupid. He said, its ok. Do everything with your best. He advise me on things that I can’t seem to do well. He doesn’t give up on me. Although he is quiet, doesn’t mix well with others, I hope none of my cousins take offense because that is just his nature. I don’t know his problems, he doesn’t share them with me. But I always pray that he will always be in good health, happy and successful always. I love you dad.

  • Emily Yan

    I am thankful of my parents and how they are always there for me in times of despair. No matter how angry or pissed they get, they will always be by my side. If it wasn’ t for my family, I would not be where I am today. They are always pushing me to always do my best and at times when I wasn’t able to, they were never be disappointed, but telling me instead to try harder next time. Although I am sometimes be really shitty to them, they would always be beside me to cheer me on.

  • Esmeralda Dass

    I didn’t think I would be thankful for much, especially since last year was a terrible year and this year is shaping up to be a stressful one. But reflecting back, I guess one could say that there is always a silver lining even in hardship.
    Last year I lost a best friend to her own demons. She was my rock but then she became my enemy. It still hurts to think about her, but I learned to become more sociable and now I have great friends I can rely on. I also became the sole breadwinner in my family when my uncle died and my father became too sick to work. It was -is- stressful, but I found there was a certain pride and even joy in taking care of my family. We are not well off, but we still have a house and we still can eat. I have to sacrifice a lot of things and there are so many things that I want but can never afford. But I still have my family, and that counts for everything.

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Thank you for sharing Esmeralda 🙂 It is so admirable for you to do this but hope you can find that with hardship, come better victories and that everything that is done is done for a good reason. May God bless you! <3

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