The $1000 M.A.C Haul! + Win Liberty of London Shell Pearl Beauty Powder[Giveaway Closed]!

Hey Everyone,
I’m probably known for having close to nil in the winning department. No matter how many times I recite my number, I will probably never win that lucky draw. Probably one of the first weeks back, the lovely Sarah Chaudry (It’s her birthday today!! Happy Birthday Sarah!) ( contacted me to see whether I wanted to join an ambush makeover and that I could win $1000 worth of M.A.C! I dismissed the chance of winning anything since I don’t normally do and enjoyed the experience.
So, when I picked up my phone that morning at the office, I was totally caught off-guard. I had won $1000 worth of M.A.C. After five minutes trying to register just how much $1000 worth of M.A.C was like, I quickly tweeted and facebooked my gittery feelings away.
This will be the most epic haul in the whole of roseannetangrs and roseannebeauty history. I hope you enjoy it.
Of course, something like this isn’t fun when it isn’t shared. I have to say that I have enough make-up right now to last me till I’m probably eighty, which I know I shouldn’t do because make-up does expire but the point is – I’m going to be sharing this with you. I’ve decided to use my prize to help you ladies get a better taste of M.A.C because I know this stuff can be pricey – especially if you live in Singapore and Australia.
How are the giveaways going to work? – I’m going to sprinkle giveaways spontaneously throughout the next few months on my Facebook Page and on here, my blog. You will have to be a follower of the blog and facebook page to be eligible for the giveaway – it only makes sense this way. I might attatch a giveaway to a post, or I might just update my Facebook page status and ask who wants to win blah blah blah. It’ll be fun. I love giving and this wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t part of it.
So let’s see what’s up for grabs in the next few months shall we?

I was given a lot of Liberty of London collection products. I’ll start with those and hopefully this will be somewhat systematic! There were so many products that I decided to just do short blurbs of each and not go into too much detail. If you have any questions just ask!

Peachstock – A beautiful beige, peach, cream color that was I think a popular classic but now not in stock. Great for a more natural nude lip.
EverHip – Probably my favourite lipstick of the bunch. A nice bright and pink coral that’s beautiful for this Spring.
Petals & Peacocks – A bright fuschia that I think would look beautiful lightly patted.

It was so cute how the lipglasses matched the lipsticks.

Frankly Fresh – A pink/cream/beige that’s very similar to the Brush With Fashion Pink Cream lip treatment colorwise but I’m sure it has way more pigment.
Perennial High Style – a beautiful bright coral
English Accents – a pretty purple fuscia

I absolutely adore the eye-shadows from this collection. Most were velux pearl or frost, my favourite finishes.

Dame’s Desire – Even though whenever I see this color, I think Urban Decay, this is such a pretty retro purple.
Bough Grey – A silver grey with green undertones. Very pretty for a simple smokey eye.
Birds & Berries – Possibly the most sought out eye-shadow of the bunch. Absolutely stunning blue/teal/green. It’s a mix of things.
Give Me Liberty of London – a pretty pink that’s great for the crease on an even lighter all over lid colour – similar to my Valentines Day tutorial.

When I first saw this collection, possibly the first thing I wanted (but convinced myself that I didn’t need) were the nail polishes. I am so glad that Blue Indiais in the package, have always wanted this. I’ve never tried M.A.C nail polishes so I’m excited to give it a try. Vestral White is a classic white.

The last of the Liberty of London collection include the following beauty powders and blushes. I have always been a fan of M.A.C powders. I love their face powders and I love their sheertone blushes and I expect these items to be no less wonderful.
Summer Rose – a pretty purple toned pink that’s great lighly done with a stippling or skunk brush similar to the M.A.C 187
Dirty Plum – a gorgeous sophisticated plum blush
Shell Pearl – another possibly highly sought after item from this collection. A wonderful peachy coral pink great for cheeks or as a highlight. Scroll all the way down for a surprise!

From the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection – I received the Miracles Happen Viva Glam Lip Kit and the Devil May Dare warm eye-shadows.
Viva Glam Lip Kit – 2 lipsticks and one gloss form the Viva Glam lipstick range going to charity. Flattering shades of red, very pretty.

Absolutely loved the Devil May Dare Warm eye-shadow palette! The colour range is just the kind I love!

In terms of other eye-shadows, I’m very happy to see Pearlmate from the Lillyland collection and pincurl and modelette for classic all over lid colors!

I also received a number of other M.A.C Nailpolishes:
Scorcher – a fiery and very bright red sure to turn heads
Blissed Out – a pretty and innocent nude color
Dim the Lights – A brown, scarlet colour that’s very similar to the colours I usually wear.

All nail polishes are cream finishes.

Also really happy to receive two neutral blushes that are often given too little credit for bringing life to a look
All’s Good – a very pretty peachy brown that pairs well with a bronzer
Plum Du Bois – a neutral plum brick frost blush that is potentially beautiful when lightly applied.

This is probably the first time I really had a dazzleglass in my hands. These are so beautiful, like sparkling gems. I can only imagine what they’re like on the lips!
Phiff – a pretty neutral soft and innocent peach
Like Venus – a hot pink bubble gum flair

I also received a five pencils – 4 lip pencils great for locking in color and lining the lips and 1 Kohl liner
Mouth Off Lip Pencil – I received two of these – beautiful coral orange
In Synch Lip Pencil – pretty petal pink, the picture doesn’t do any justice
Naked Liner Lip Pencil – great for anyone a lover of nude lips.
Raven Kohl Liner – a metallic brick color for your eyes. It’s really nice!

and that’s what $1000 worth of M.A.C is like. I didn’t want to go to in depth into all of the products, you’d probably spend too much time reading (if you wanted to) but I hoped you liked this haul!
Keeping to my word, we have something up for grabs right now!

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For example:
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3. You must be eligible to receive products from me and comfortable with giving me your address
4. This is international and this giveaway ends on Feb. 23rd!
5. One comment per person and the results will be randomly generated!
Good Luck!
Love, Roseanne