Tangspiration: Who Says You're Not Good Enough?

Hey Everyone,
As the year draws to a close, I don’t know why but I guess it’s looking back at the year that makes me super reflective at the moment. I’m thinking about all the lessons I’ve learnt this year and I want to pen them down before it’s just a faded memory. One of the the things I was battling with this year with the idea of inadequacy – not being good enough – whether it’s feeling not good enough for your partners, your friends and for me, obviously well my work. But who says, you’re not good enough. The only person who has authority over that well is you.
I feel like saying that it could just be a blazing miracle that I’ve opened up a personal make-up school at just 24. I could easily fall into the trap of telling myself as I sometimes do  that perhaps I’m not good enough for this, that there are so many make-up artists out there that could be better than me, that as I scroll through social media and instagram – that I’m possibly a pinch short of some. But I realise that look you’re probably not going to be THE best out there. There’s probably someone better than Bobbi Brown in skills – maybe a small town girl in Idaho or something. There’s probably someone better than even Charlotte Tillbury, Pat McGrath or Rae Morris. Look, there probably is. Even not in make-up – there’s probably someone even better in making tech than Steve Jobs ever was or Bill Gates. There’s probably someone out there even better at singing than Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears or even Beyonce. Look, there probably is.  And all of those people we look up to as people who have made it, who are THE best. But you know what? There will always be someone better than you, but all those people I’ve mentioned up there – that didn’t stop them, hey. Right now as you’re thinking just this, I want you to put down the knife of comparison back on the table and switch your attention to focusing on your journey, your path and the promises and destiny that your life has for you. That God has for you.
Ever heard of the saying “Bloom where you are planted?” or that flowers don’t compare themselves, they just bloom? I find some truth in these. I want you to look at life like this. It is by no doubt that you’re NOT on this earth mainly to make CO2 and waste. You do have a purpose and that purpose has been ordained by God. It might not be the purpose that we’ve intended for – perhaps we’ve wanted to be a pop-singer but we can’t sing – but if it was ordained by God, we would well at least be able to sing. Does that make sense? Similarly, look at your life and all the great things God has given to you, and look at your strengths and talents that God has equipped you with. All of these matter because God gives you just enough, not more than you need – just enough. As he had done for me. I literally fell into doing beauty videos on YouTube when I was 16 and I had no idea what was going to become of me. I still wanted to be a banker, I still wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer like my parents wanted for me. But God equipped me for this intense passion for make-up – everyday night and day I’d be studying make-up by myself, watching every video I could get my hands on, read every forum, blog and book. I just wanted to know more but I realised during this time, God was equipping me, putting tools in my tool box. Then, after I graduated college, I went straight to London for make-up school and to get my diploma and all this while when I was on YouTube, I earned connections and friends with major cosmetic brands that would help sponsor Bloom in the future. Of course, back then, I had no idea that Bloom was ever going to happen or what it even was. When I came back, I became a full fledged make-up artist, quit my job and decided to take probably the most important leap of faith I ever did take. And it just happened, things just happened – I met this person, that person, that encouraged me to do this and so I did. All of this, was a walk with God, even if I only realised it was Him in the middle of this journey. I realised that all of it was of Him and that even if I wanted to escape my purpose and destiny, not only would I have no more peace but it would not be in my control. Wherever God wants me to climb, I must climb with the tools he has given me, and I must do so even if everyone thinks I can’t. Hey, I might even think I can’t too but there’s a difference between must and can’t.
And in all that, just as you have a journey, be respectful of another’s journey as well. If they get the promotion, the job, the boy you like, it is for them, not for you. I give them my blessing and respect. Do not compare.
Saying all this, when you are connected to your purpose and your journey in life, don’t lose time muddling over the fact that you’re not good enough. Shake them off and keep climbing. Look, you are just about the best person for your life and journey than anyone can EVER be. You’re all you’ve got. Maybe you’re not THE best out there, but look you’re definitely THE best you’ve got.