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Can you believe it? I used to be a total online shopping addict but instead of buying new outfits, I bought tons of make-up!ย In factย I used to scour the web for the best make-up stores online that could ship international! What makes shopping online for beauty products better than at the counter – well it’s open 24 hrs so say hello to nights when you can’t sleep and it’s cheaper so if you can get it online,ย you might be able to save 10-30% on it. For me, a good beauty online store should have good international and local shipping rates, a large variety of brands, a good variety of shades available of a particular product and have sturdy packaging so there are no breakages. Also the ability to ensure something is authentic is really important too. I was just introduced to a new online beauty products retailer called BeautyFresh ( not too long ago and it fits my criteria very well! Let’s check it out together and see what I got!
BeautyFresh just launched in Singapore actually with over 70 international and lux brands and more than 1,500 products! Getting on the website, I was immediately impressed by how easy it is to navigate the website. You can search by brands or product categories and there is a huge range of your favourite brands. I feel like sometimes other online stores have a very limited selection of brands that you like and a poor product variety. BeautyFresh has hard to find brands online like NARS and M.A.C which other online stores usually do not cater for! SK-II, Bobbi Brown and even skincare, NARS Brushes and a large variety of perfumes are available on the site too.
Another thing that I really liked about BeautyFresh is the shade selection of products is larger than most online stores too. For example, for the NARS blushes, you basically have almost every shade available for the blush. Other online stores only have 1 – 2 or if you’re lucky, 3 shades available but BeautyFresh has a much larger variety! Prices are also approximately 20% below normal retail prices.
I ordered my package on September 3 and received it on September 7th, shipping was about $7.60 for courier but I did order it over a weekend so it might have taken longer than it usually does. When it arrived at my office, I was very impressed with how well wrapped the package is. It looked very professional and new. The products were put inside a cardboard BeautyFresh box below, not only that, it was totally wrapped up and sealed really nicely! It’s almost made totally waterproof too! The BeautyFresh site also states that BeautyFresh actually uses a dual process to ensure authenticity of the products. All products are scanned using UV light to check for defects, repackaging and change in expiry dates or other marks of authentication. Secondly, a staff member conducts manual checks on batch codes to ensure all products are fresh and not near expiryย dates! The dual process that they have ensures customers get fresh and authentic products.
Let’s open it up and see what I picked out! Love how there’s a lot of peanut foam too in the box to prevent any breakages! I feel like BeautyFresh really does go the extra mile to make sure the products are properly packed and it makes me feel even better about receiving the package.
The first thing I got was a Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 50ml. This was actually one of my first ever perfume purchases back when I was still in college. I would wear this every single day so when I smell it, it really reminds me of all those really great memories. Unfortunately, I finished it completely in college and I haven’t found the time to re-purchase it again so I thought this might be the time! I still really love the smell – a fresh musky scent that is perfect for any occasion!
Again when I received the perfume, it was wrapped just as if I had bought it at the counter. The box had absolutely not scratches on it and it was sealed as well. I find that some online stores that I have bought from in the past don’t even have the perfume sealed anymore, just the box and sometimes due to improper packaging and shipping, there might be dents on the box. BeautyFresh however really did ensure that it looked perfect when I got it after shipping. Nostalgia in a bottle as they say and I like just misting it a bit to remind me of my college times!
The last thing I got from BeautyFresh is a NARS Blush – but not any NARS blush – this is my all time favourite NARS blush! It’s NARS Deep Throat. A lot of people are fans of NARS Orgasm and I’ve done that one many times but I still love Deep Throat for really giving you a breath of fresh air look. Again it really is a blast from the past after finishing it up back in the day, I’m happy to start all over again and have it in my kit ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Again the blush came well boxed and had not dents or faults at all on it.
Overall, I’m really impressed with BeautyFresh! It has a wide range of products, ensures product availability where some products that aren’t available at retail might be available on BeautyFresh, offers affordable prices for beauty products and ensures all products go through the dual authentication process. ย I love how well packaged my parcel was and how new the products felt when I received them. The wide selection of shades for a particular product is huge plus for me as well and the ability to find M.A.C and NARS online is hard to find with other online stores but something that BeautyFresh does amazingly well. Heck, you can even find NARS brushes!
So yes I do urge you to check this online store out at! For the next 2 months (Sept 1 – Oct 31), get a $10 voucher when you set up an account with BeautyFresh. Thank you for sponsoring this post and mini-haul BeautyFresh!
Go check it out!