The NEW Bloom By Roseanne – Location, Classes and more!

Hey everyone!
Today marks a seriously special occasion, the launch of the NEW Bloom. Bloom by Roseanne is my personal make-up school where I conduct personal make-up lessons and workshops for people like  you and me. In a nutshell, it’s where I teach you how to put make-up on yourself. I’ve been doing this for around a year but and at home and the exciting news is I’ve moved to my own office and brand new studio! It’s a giant leap of faith for me. I’ve also taken alot of time and reserch from all the surveys you filled out to redesign the entire class structure so that you can customise the way you learn make-up! I am so excited! Plus there’s a new trial class price ongoing for a limited time only so be sure to sign up a the end of this post!
The Location – 17B Teo Hong Road
One of the biggest challenges with Bloom was the location. I think for anyone, getting your own location and paying a significant sum for rent each month is kinda scary and nerve-wracking as it is for me.  But my house was legit in the middle of nowhere and if I really wanted this to work and grow, I knew I had to move. So, with a lot of effort, I went office hunting, prayed for what I wanted – shophouse, across the street from the MRT, within budget, great lighting – and thank God, my prayers were answered. I know that without God in this with me, I don’t know if I could have been brave enough. But it happened!
The location of Bloom is now at 17B Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088329. It’s the top floor of a shophouse, right across the street from Outram MRT station Exit H, and has great lighting. In fact, I didn’t need to do any reno and just had to fill it with furniture (which really more of a costly adventure than I thought it would be, but its okay).
I am so excited for this place because it’s super convenient now. Outram MRT station is just two stops away from Raffles Place, one stop from Tanjong Pagar and one stop from Harbourfront. I can’t wait for you to come and I hope you do!
The place is big enough for my new class size of four, my new cool living room area and well, me. In the design of the place, I really wanted it to be homely and cosy. I think learning in an environment that is so calms the senses. I love it and I really hope you love it as much as I do. Watch my YouTube video below to see an office tour!
One thing I realised from my experience teaching and your surveys was that it’s really difficult to master something in an hour especially if you’ve never touched it before. For example, I think the most challenging topics for my current students is eyeliner and even false lashes. If you’ve never done these in your life, it’s hard to expect yourself to master it on the spot. Another thing I realised was that you liked customisation – designing your own class and you also appreciated a smaller class size. Last of all,  three hours is a little long for a make-up class and that 1.5 – 2 hours was more suitable for your schedule. I found also that a lot of you guys couldn’t fit the class timings that I put on the website so all these things and more will be changed.
Class Structure
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Bloom won’t just be made up of 3 hour workshops anymore like it was before. There’s a new class structure and you now have three options to learn make-up – Bloom Revolution, One to One Custom Class & Bloom Signature Workshops. These options give you the possibility of being flexible and the possibility of even designing your own course the way you want it to be like with the topics that you’re most interested in.
Bloom Revolution – Can you imagine a pick & mix but instead of candy, it’s classes? I want to revolutionise the way women see, understand and apply make-up but I couldn’t really go in-depth (ie different textures, types and ways to apply a particular type of make-up product) with the old workshops that focused on one entire look. There just wasn’t enough time or focus. So I created Bloom Revolution – a collection of 8 different 1.5 hr classes that focus on a particular make-up topic be it an eyeliner class or a contouring highlight and blush class. You can see all the classes available here.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.24.07 pm
With Bloom Revolution, the fun part is that you can now pick and mix the topics you want to learn. The package deals make it very affordable. A single Bloom Revolution class is $70, but in a package of 3, the class becomes only $65 and in a package of 8, the class becomes $60. Also with the package of 3 and package of 8, you now get FREE practice sessions. A practice session is 1.5 hrs long and is guided. You can come in and play with all the make-up we have here (kind of like an art studio) and practice what you learnt in class – be it for tougher subjects like eyeliner or false lashes. You can also use the practice sessions for creating new looks and experimenting. If you buy a class package of 3, you get 1 free practice session and if you buy a class package of 8, you get 2 free practice sessions. You can use your classes within 3 months of purchase!
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.25.26 pm
I really hope Bloom Revolution becomes the most flexible and convenient way of learning make-up and I promise you it will be worth your time.
One to One Custom Class- Still keeping to the one to one classes as it is my best seller but the best thing about these classes is that you can totally design your own 3 hour make-up class. Just let me know all the topics you’d like to learn about and I can design a topic list that fits within the 3 hour class. Therefore, it’s totally customisable and you get one to one attention.
Bloom Signature Workshops – I understand that some of you still want to learn according to a particular make-up look such as a Make-up for Work Make-up Class or a Smokey Eye Make-up Class. So our workshops will stay but now they care called Bloom Signature Workshops and are designed according to a particular look. They are around 2 – 3 hours long but give you all the information in one shot, while Bloom revolution gives it to you in bite sized pieces.
You can use this fun map to decide which course works for you!
Class Timings & Size 
In the old times, I set predetermined dates and times for each class but I found that it was inconvenient for many of you (maybe I’m just not good at picking dates and times). I realise the best way is to just let it free reign. When you book a class with us, you will always get to determine the date and time of your class no matter what option you pick above.
For class size – for a one to one custom class, you are ensured that it will be one to one attention. For Bloom Revolution and Signature workshops, I can’t assure you that it will be one to one but because you’re able to book your own date and time slot, it often is just because it’s rare when there are clashes. However, in the future if someone books the same slot as you and you did not choose a one to one lesson, then let’s all make a few friends! The class size won’t be larger than 4 for Bloom Revolution and no larger than 8 for signature workshops.
Booking & Payment
Originally my website is based on Shopify which allows you to purchase the class online. I know many of you however preferred to email me and do a bank transfer instead. You can still purchase Bloom Signature workshops online but for Bloom Revolution and One to One, please email me at to book because of the customisation part. It’s a standard for payment to be made via bank transfer at least 2 or 3 days before the actual class because it’s hard to deal with change and cash in class. However, I understand if you don’t have bank transfer, you can bring the exact amount in cash to the class! Thanks for your understanding!
NEW 13rushes x Bloom Set 
We’ve also updated the 13rushes x Bloom 13 pc brush set! I’ve worked with 13rushes for a long time and it’s my favourite all time brand of brushes. They are absolutely amazing and it is an honor to be working with them for Bloom. I have hand picked all the brushes in the 13rushes x Bloom set to create the perfect set and we’ve updated three brushes in the set that I didn’t think fit the bill anymore and they have been replaced by even better brushes. These are the three new brushes below replacing the tapered kabuki, round cheek and flat top kabuki.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.36.52 pm

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.54.10 pm
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 6.54.16 pm
I’ve also redesigned the worksheets that you’ll get in class. Now they have step by step instructions, easier to understand and soak in and there’s another page for you to write your notes.
Trial Class – Now at $25, RRP $70 – Sign up now!
sign up
The New Bloom isn’t just a new location, it has been revamped with all the improvements that you’ve helped me with! To celebrate, I would like to invite you for a trial class!
You can pick either Basic Eyeshadow Bloom Revolution class or Contouring, Highlight and Blush Revolution Class. They are both 1.5 hrs long and will be at our new location, taught by me of course!
Basic Eyeshadow Class covers – priming, a simple eyeshadow look using 2 shadows, experimenting with different finishes and textures and where to apply eyeshadow on the eye.
Conturing, Highlight & Blush Class covers – exploring different textures, shades and where to apply contour, highlight and blush to sculpt the face. Methods of applying and tools to use and experiment with are also covered.
And it will be going for only SGD $25 per pax! Regular price is $70 per single workshop! So sign up now! Link to sign up is here and I will be emailing you to confirm your date and time slot.
Sign up for the trial class here!
So there we have it, all the changes in a nutshell. To God be the Glory and I hope to see you in class someday 🙂 Do sign up for the trial class!