Review: Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey Everyone!
Today I want to share with you an amazing shampoo and conditioner that I have been loving lately and it’s the new Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner! I don’t know about you but when it’s hot and humid (which it has very much been lately here in Singapore) my hair gets heavy and down and I look super tired and my hair goes limp and flat. I hate that so voluminizing hair products are a must for me but often volume products leave my hair brittle and dry. Finally I’ve found a solution in this powerful combination that bring my tresses to life in both volume and nourishment! Let’s check it out!
The Dove Volume & Nourishment shampoo and conditioner is supposed to bring the bounce back into your hair while still being able to nourish it. Both have oxyfusion technology with oxygen infused ingredients that restores smoothness and up to 95% volume. It is specifically for people with dry and limp hair. The shampoo is actually a clear gel and the conditioner is your normal white cream. They both smell absolutely amazing by the way and scent is for sure a plus point for me!
So how do I feel about it? Well let me show you instead! I woke up this morning and decided to take my before picture before I took a shower and washed my hair. My hair is super limp (and kinda gross looking) and is totally screaming for a shower.
I have to say that the entire shower experience is great. The shampoo actually lathers better than most other shampoos I have used and it just feels like a very soft and substantial foamΒ when lathered in the hair. My hair really feels a ton cleaner after the wash. The conditioner is great too and is effective. It smooths down without weighing my hair down. I feel like a lot of nourishing hair products compromise on volume because they end up weighing it down but finally this stuff actually gives you volume and nourishment at the same time and it really does work.
After blowdrying only and no additional products whatsoever, this is what my hair looks like! It is for sure puffier and fluffier and looks cleaner and healthier too!
Here’s a before and after! Quite a dramatic difference actually and I didn’t style it at all. I just literally blowdry-ed it after washing it with the shampoo and conditioner.
Overall, this is really an amazing pick for shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels very lightweight and fluffier, I feel like my roots are lifted up and it’s easier to style and add volume after using the shampoo and conditioner. I love also how it lathers in the shower and the smell is just what I need in the morning and evenings to relax. The scent also stays in as well which I like too. My hair feels healthier and happier and fluffier!
Thank you so much Dove for sponsoring this review and introducing me to such great hair products. By the way, if you’re interested, there is an event on 31 July to 2 Aug at Vivocity! If you’d like to win an exclusive Dove Volume & Nourishment gift, go to to find out how you can win!
Hope you guys liked this review!