Sephora Haul: Skincare & Foreo Luna Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!
Sephora sends me some of their latest products from their exclusive brands, pretty much monthly. I usually post these amazing boxes on instagram but I have lately wanted to blog about them because they’re for sure an amazing opportunity for you and I to discover new or cool things! This month is all about Skincare in their Skin Rescue box. I can’t wait to show you what’s inside. Plus, there’s an exciting giveaway for the famous Foreo Luna cleansing device at the end of this post so stay tuned.
Let’s see what’s in here! I got really excited this month because I finally get to try some Kate Somerville skincare products. I’ve seen them in a few youtube favourites videos and on the counter for being really effective. We also have some goodies from Peter Thomas Roth, Caudalie, and Algenist. For this post, I want to show you the products that I’m most excited to try.
First up – Kate Somerville. For a brief introduction, here is some information about Kate Somerville from their website. She’s basically a skin expert and dermatologist in the USA who created this line of products.

The creator and director of a renowned medi-skin Clinic in Los Angeles, Kate Somerville has devoted her life to creating flawless faces. Her solutions-based strategy has made her one of the most trusted names in skincare today.

In fact, she is personally responsible for the glowing complexions of hundreds of leading ladies, whose livelihoods depend on their looks. When it comes to a clear complexion and a gorgeous glow, stars like Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Sandra Oh, and Debra Messing depend on Kate Somerville.

By partnering early on with top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Kate pioneered the integration of skincare and medicine, paving the way for the field of paramedical esthetics and laying the foundation for the bourgeoning medi-spa industry. It was after she developed the Skin Health Pyramid™, however, that Kate truly solidified her standing as an industry leader.

– See more at:
From the range, I have today the Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask (SGD $85) which tackles blemishes without drying skin out. It has a soothing formula that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and Colloidol Sulfur unclogs pores and reduces acne blemishes. I also have now the Kate Somerville D-Scar that erases acne scars. Both of these are super useful to me as my skin has on and off breakouts that are really annoying. Some days it can be perfect and others are just a headache. I want to try these to see if they work!
I’ve never seen a mask like the EradiKate mask before to be honest. It pumps out as a pink liquid mousse that smells like a mix of skin clinic and sulfur. I thought you had to manually foam it up until I read the directions.
When you apply and spread it on the face, it immediately foams up into this white foam as you can see. You need to leave it on for ten minutes. It does have a slight tingling sensation because you can feel the foam foaming up but nothing too intrusive. It’s quite gentle actually. After ten minutes, I washed it off and my face felt cleaner. I think I need to use it more to see any real results though.
Next up that I found really cool is the Peter Thomas Roth Eye-Cubes. Thankfully, I don’t really get heavy under-eye circles or puffiness under the eyes. I just get all around puffy if I do get water retention. I have though heard of that ice cube trick to apply it underneath the eyes to decrease puffiness. I think this might be a product that plays around with this idea. I found it pretty cool because I haven’t seen anything like it.
When you open the package, it looks like mouthwash in little capsules. There’s also a little zip lock bag containing little mesh bags for you to put your ice cubes in when they’ve frozen. The directions tell you to freeze the capsules first.
So that’s exactly what I did. Ta-Da! I popped the whole package into the freezer. Be sure to leave them in the freezer bottom side down as normal and not tilting as the liquid will tilt and freeze that way.
Next, I popped them out of their plastic packaging and slipped them into the bags. You have to do this fast. I actually thought it was going to be more gel like since the photo on the packaging looks more like a gel but this is for sure just an ice cube. The liquid is slightly silkier like a watery shower gel.
After you’re done, just press and massage under the eye. You apparently only need one ice cube for two eyes each time so you get quite a lot in the package. One thing to note is that they melt very fast. It smells great – like a green melon ice cream – often I’m wondering if it’s sweet because it smells that way. I feel like I’m melting a popsicle underneath my eyes. It’s more of a mess than expected so I would suggest doing this at home and having tissue nearby. I did however feel a tightening sensation under the eyes which was nice and I reckon if I did have puffy eyes today, it would have worked.
Another cool find in the box was this – the Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser (SGD $19). It has a honey-like texture that becomes warm in contact with the skin and it helps to wash away impurities, makeup and sebum. There is also Maple sap extract that keeps the skin hydrated and comfortable and not tight and dry. I haven’t tried this yet but I will probably in the next few weeks or so.
The thing I’m most excited about? My very own Foreo Luna device for sensitive/normal skin (SGD $299)! You’ve probably seen this cleansing device next to the Clarisonic at Sephora and you’re probably wondering what it is. Yes, it’s a new cleansing skincare gadget and many have claimed it to be even better than the Clarisonic. I have the Clarisonic and I have kind of stopped using it. I don’t like how I have to frequently replace the brush heads and I find it not as hygienic. But this doesn’t use brushes, it uses silicone and you don’t need to buy replacements. It also operates on a vibrating cleansing method that deeply and gently cleanses with T-Sonic technology, delivering about 8,000 pulsations per minute.
I’ve been watching a lot of videos on the Luna and a lot of people are saying it’s better than the Clarisonic, especially for people with sensitive skin like me. Like the Clarisonic, you can charge it up. It has an on/off button and a plus and minutes to increase and decrease the speed. The front of the Luna has a rubbery bristled side for deeper cleansing. It’s soft and not hard so you aren’t going to damage your skin or brush or scratch it like I felt I was doing with the Clarisonic at times.
The back of the Luna is apparenty for anti-ageing which leaves the skin feeling firmer and more elastic. Simply apply your normal skin cleanser on your face, wet the Luna, turn it on, and use it for a minute massaging your face. Then you can turn it off and rinse. Some other Youtubers use it in the shower and most of them absolutely love it and say it’s better than the Clarisonic. I’m really excited to try it for a while and do a video review after a few months to see if it does work! I did try it once and I found it made my skin clean (but a little tight) and very soft. It’s hard to think that it can because it has such rubbery “bristles”. Nonetheless, after all the reviews I’ve been watching, I can’t wait to see results.
Foreo Luna Giveaway!
The best thing about this? I want you to try it with me! Here’s my Foreo Luna Giveaway! If you want to win your very own Foreo Luna (worth $299), simply comment in the comments section below with a blog or video request that you’d like me to do that you’d think everyone might want to see too. It can be a make-up tutorial, review, a bunch of beauty tips, or a how-to post or video – or even a personal question tag! This giveaway ends on March 8th, 12AM Singapore Time and I will pick the winner. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents as you have to collect it from a Sephora store! Good luck!
You’ll also want to know that from 23 Feb to 18 Mar, Sephora shoppers can bring home a special Skin Care Survival Pack with a minimum purchase of $80 (or $60 for Sephora White Card Members), as long as the purchase includes a skin care product. Sephora Black Card members who spend $120 and above not only receive the Skin Care Survival Pack but also a complimentary pack of Sephora bedroom slippers! 
Hope you liked this post! Thank you Sephora for sending these over and allowing me to try these amazing products.


  • Kymm

    I would love to see a blog post about your favourite acne clearing treatments!

  • Annsley

    I’m very intrigued by the Foreo Luna so it would be great to have an in-depth review of the Foreo Luna range of products, how it works etc. and how it compares with the Clarisonic in terms of effectiveness. Personally, I have the Clarisonic Mia and have stopped using it for a variety of reasons that if the Foreo Luna is the same as the Clarisonic or if the Clarisonic is better, then I would know whether the Foreo Luna is worth a shot (or not). Thanks Roseanne!

  • Mindy

    How bout different make up techniques / focus areas for different face shapes? That would be interesting! 🙂

  • Belle

    I would love to see an updated makeup collection video. or house tour? your house seems huge!

  • Aishah

    I would love to see a video of your lipstick collection and maybe select a favourite lippie for each category? (eg. red lips, MLBB, lipgloss, etc?) 🙂

  • Ou Jia Min Clara

    Hi, Roseanne 🙂
    I would love to request you to do a review between Clarisonic and Luna Youtube Video. Same as you, I do have sensitive and acne prone skin. (2 in 1 ) lol skin problems. So, I really need to clear vision which cleansing gadget really suit my skin even better so that I won’t waste extra money (since, I am a student T__T ) for my delicate skin. Because, I heard that Clarisonic doesn’t clean as better as luna which I really confused. Please, do a comparison review for both!
    Oh yes, will you conduct next makeup lesson in tertiary schools or private school like SIM. Since, you had a few lesson in SMU. : )
    Clara <3

  • Lydia

    Hi would really love to see a detailed comparison video between the clarisonic and the foreo luna. but since its mentioned already so I would also love to see you doing a fanbingbing inspired makeup from “The Empress of China” Saw that fanbingbing has this really bold lips and dramatic eyelook. Immediately thought that you will totally rock this look! Look forward to more youtube videos and blogposts from you! Thanks a lot! Cheers ^.^

  • Dee

    It would be great to have a blog post about best practices for taking care of your skin, and including a review of the Foreo Luna in there. I’ve seen that in Sephora and have been curious about it! Would love to know more about it and how it ties in with the overall ideal skincare regimen.

  • Deniece

    Hi Roseanne! I would love to see a ‘Boyfriend does my make up’ video of Jacob and yourself! It will be interesting to see the dynamics between two things that you really love! And of course, I believe it will be a fun video for you to make!
    I recently started following your blog and channel and I must say you have God’s grace and love bouncing off you! Thank you for being someone in the media space who is so real and that I feel like I can really connect to 😀
    I currently own a Clarisonic and do find it a little harsh for my skin. Would love to try out the Foreo Luna!!
    Lots of Love! 😀

  • Vidhi

    Hi, I would love to see a get ready with me video. From skincare to makeup to ootd. If it features the Foreo Luna that would be great. Thank you!

  • Hui Jun

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  • Adeline

    In depth review on the effectiveness of the foreo Luna. I myself has sensitive skin and occasional breakouts which can be troubling. So it is exciting to know that there’s this awesome products which is suitable for sensitive skin! It’ll be good to also see you doing a post to show us your skincare regime and how foreo Luna helped you to achieve better results:) choose me please!

  • Elaine

    Hi there !
    I would love to see a blog post about how to effectively use colour corrector to hide dark circle !
    I am sure a lot of ladies faced the problem of waking in the morning and looks like panda and
    concealer is just not enough to cover.
    Thatz all !
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    Oh and I just thought of another! Maybe you could do the whisper challenge on YouTube? Definitely something different to your channel but I figure this could be really different and refreshing to see! 🙂

  • sherlyn

    Hi Roseanne!
    Could you please do a more detailed review in the Foreo and also a comparison with Clarisonic? I have combination and sensitive skin with acne scars . Would like to see which device with helps me improve my skin condition !

  • Jessie

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  • Jacie

    I would love to see your top 5 must have skin care products for a beginner like me. I have sensitive skin too and thus do not really dare to try just any brand in the market. P.s I attended ur makeup lesson and it’s awesome! Any beginners could follow so easily. And hence, I would to hear from you about your products that must have for sensitive skin. Thanks in advance (:

  • Elyse

    Do an updated 3 minute make up challenge! It would be interesting to see the products and techniques you use to complete a quick makeup look for an everyday look!
    I have been using cleansers only and I think that it does not clean my face thoroughly. I am pretty insecure about my blackheads as it shows through my make up :/ I’m sure the Foreo Luna would help me!

  • Peifen

    Hi Roseanne! Love your blog and youtube channel. I would love to see a makeup tutorial on how to make makeup lasts under singapore weather. I have super oily skin and Singapore weather just makes it worse. My makeup just can’t last at all despite many ways and methods I have tried over the years.
    Because of my oily skin, I would also love to try the Foreo Luna cleansing gadget. And hopefully it can help to clear the blackheads and whiteheads due to my excessive sebum secretion.

  • Edna

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    I would live for you yo do a skin maintenance tips kinda video.Like maybe share the most forgotten basic skincare tips that we forget ever since all the new stuff came out.For example my mum reminded me that the most important basic tip is to massage the face while washing! Oh and I would live to win the foreo! I’ve been using a cheap daiso face brush go attempt to mimic the foreo and clarisonic. Do let me win dear Roseanne! Thank you!

  • Rahimah

    I would love to see a morning skin care routine following a GRWM video. It be fun watching how your typical day starts. Or a night skin care routine. Ps: been wanting to get a Foreo Luna for a long time, really hoping I could win it!!!

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    2) Since you love travelling, I bet you can also share with us on the “must-have” things for you to bring when you go Travelling.
    3) Room/House Tour! I read somewhere below, there’s also another viewer who also requested on this as well! So, please consider doing this Roseanne!!

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  • Jo

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    I would like you to do a skincare video on daily maintenance, as good skin is the best canvas for makeup.

  • Hanis O

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    1) How you spend your typical day at work?
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