Current Book Favs: Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules & Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes

Hey Everyone!
To be honest with you, I’ve never been much of a bookworm and probably the only books I’d actually read are well, make-up books! Even then, I don’t have that big a stash as I prefer to do my learning online. However I do have a special few and today I have decided to share my current favourites. Special thanks to Pansing books who sent me them a month ago and now they’re both stacked on my bedside table whenever I feel like a good read. I think no matter what level you are, expanding your knowledge is always important. Bobbi Brown is my favourite just because I really feel a connection when I read them and I like how it’s all about embracing and loving yourself too.
The first is the Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes. This book is a small hardcover and teaches you everything you need to know about eye make-up and how easy it can be. It covers topics from the basics – including correcting around the eye to different classic eye make-up looks like the nude eye or the soft smokey eye.
The book is certainly easy to read with large pictures and fonts. I like also how it has a mix of definitions too and amazing tips to care for the eye including things like best eye cream ingredients and even natural eye treatments. There are a multitude of make-up tips too.
They even cater to different ethnicities. For asian eyes for example – “Create dimension with a light shadow like ivory or white all over the lid, from lash line to brow bone, and a medium tone in the crease and just above. Go for a fairly thick line with your eyeliner from the outer corner to the inner corner – you should be able to see it when you open your eye. Curling your lashes is a must.” Even defining your eyebrows and make-up for glasses is covered too, even how to choose your glasses according to your face shape. There is in fact a huge section on glasses. Overall, this is a neat little book if you want to learn the basics.
Next up is the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book. This has been around for quite some time and is one of the most popular books from Bobbi Brown. Beauty Rules is a beauty book for teens and girls in their twenties. If anything, this book really does explore self confidence, life lessons and how to emphasize natural beauty. It is an amazing book with hundreds of photos of real girls like you and me and Bobbi Brown’s best tricks and her career in the cosmetics industry.
Beauty is certainly inside out and this book starts out first discovering health, even Bobbi’s own meal plan and excercise tips. There are even interviews with young atheletes and how they keep fit. I love the ‘be who you are section’ which describes stories of how being bold, being you and being comfortable in your own skin is so important. The make-up in this book is gorgeous and extremely wearable which is important. It celebrates people of different ethnicities and even tells you tips on how to buy make-up like a pro!
Despite having all these life lessons, Beauty Rules does not fall short of its make-up tips. There are full on sections on different areas in make-up from foundation, to blush to what lipstick matches you best. Hair is also discussed in an entire section on its own with secrets from the salon in a question and answer format.
The last section is makeovers – which is an entire section of before and afters. They are pretty amazing and you can see how the girls really shine with their make-up looks. It’s just like a better version but it’s still them. The make-up is absolutely gorgeous in these and it’s bound to be my favourite section of all! I love it so much and everyone looks so good after their make-up!
So there you have it! Overall, two pretty good picks. Beauty Rules is my ultimate favourite though and ta-dah! I’m going to have a giveaway to give away a brand new Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book! Check out my instagram to see how you can enter – follow me on instagram @roseannetangrs πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful weekend!