Spring Makeup Tutorial ft. Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection!

Hey Everyone!
One thing I love is getting to see all the Spring collections from all my favourite make-up brands. Dior is of course no exception. I was thrilled when they sent me a few products from the Dior Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colors collection! I thought I would do a natural and glowing spring make-up look from what they gave me and a step by step tutorial showing you how!
When I think of Spring, I think of fresh flowers and glowing complexions. For Dior, Spring in this collection meant a kingdom of colors – glimmering pastels, bright shades and contrasting color blocks. For them, “nature is reborn, and its colors light up your face”. I received two Diorshow Kohl sticks in Smokey black and pearly silver, the Dior Cheek & Lipglow (the one I’m most excited about) and two Dior Vernis nail polishes in Lady and top coat in Eclosion. Here’s the look I created – a clean and natural but still very pretty and pink make-up look.
For the eyes, I used a glimmering peachy pink shade all over the lid. I then used a brown eye shadow and lined it across my lash line blending upwards to create a gradient effect. After this, I took the Diorshow Kohl Stick in Smokey black and lined my tight line only so that the eye liner did not overwhelm the look.
I finished off with lining my waterline with the Diorshow Kohl Stock in Pearly Silver which served to brighten the whole look and give it a certain freshness. Last of all, I curled my lashes and applied mascara, not forgetting my bottom lashes to open up the eyes.
Next up, my favourite of the entire collection – the gorgeous Dior Cheek & Lipglow! This is what made my look bright and fresh. Dior says that this single shade adapts to everyone and it makes the face light up with a sparkling flush. After applying it on myself I have to agree and it’s become one of my favourite Dior products and an absolute must-have.
On the lips, it’s exactly what you’d expect – a lip tint. It is very thin and watery in texture but there’s a slight weight to it that’s uncommon. It applies watery and glowing and wet but doesn’t stay like so for long.
After a few seconds, the tint fully absorbs into your lips and you get a matte finish. Even if I tried to rub it off, there’s no residue at all which is perfect. The tint is quite pigmented as well as you can see but the color is absolutely amazing and perfect. I love the pink and it really does brighten my whole face up. I can see myself using this time and time again especially when I’m doing my make-up on the go.
One gripe I have is that the ball sponge applicator does actually absorb a significant amount of product so you end up having more than you need on the lips. Simply press the sponge along the side of the bottle to get the right amount on your lips.
As the name implies, it is also for your cheeks. To be honest, I was very intimidated to use this just because I am absolutely horrible with cheek tints. I end up looking like a streaky mess so I was very hesitant about using this as a cheek tint. Much to my surprise, I absolutely loved it on my cheeks after application. Thankfully, it doesn’t stain fast and immediately so you actually do have time to blend the product out on your cheeks. I put some of the product on my fingers first and then blended it onto my cheeks and it worked out perfectly. The watery texture helped the product spread evenly and the color again is amazing. I have tried too many tints that look great on the lips but don’t show up well on the cheeks but this is amazing. It really does make my face glow and light up. I love it.
Last of all, the Dior Vernis nail polishes have always been a favourite of mine. I received the pretty pink nude in “Lady” and the top coat in Eclosion which is a funfetti top coat of green and white small stripes and round circles.
Both are absolutely adorable together or alone. Here’s a quick swatch!
Overall, the Dior Spring 2015 make-up look is pretty amazing. One thing I suggest you really check out is the Dior Cheek & Lipglow. It is absolutely amazing and I love how it is so easily done on the cheeks as well. The look is effortless, fresh and totally spring.
I hope you liked this post and have a great weekend!