Chanel Christmas 2014 Collection & Tutorial!

Hey Everyone!
I can’t believe its nearly that time of year! I don’t know about you but Christmas and the holidays is my ultimate favourite season. Flood me with Christmas decorations and cookies, music and possibly the most exciting collections by your various make-up brands. Chanel is no exception and to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t impressed by a collection by them. So when I got my hands on the Chanel Christmas 2014 Collection, you can pretty much imagine how ecstatic I was.
The Chanel Christmas 2014 Collection is inspired by the gracefullness and softness of feathers embellished with antique gold, silver and diamonds. It is a solely evening palette and while the eyes may be soft and smokey, Chanel has paired it with fiery reds in the lips and nails for added exuberance. I have to say that this is a gorgeous collection and something worth splurging on and for yourself as well. The eyeshadow palette – Les 5 Ombres De Chanel in Oiseaux de Nuit – is one of my ultimate favourites. The blending and softness of the eye shadow is incredible and the pigmentation is bold as well. The combination of colors produces a gorgeous gold and gray soft smokey eye that I will be showing you in my tutorial.
I am head over heels also in love with the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in 337 La Flamboyante. It is the perfect red lipstick. I can see myself just telling everyone to buy this, including you! First of all, I have always been a fan of the Rouge Allure range from Chanel – they have the most beautiful colours, they glide on easily and stay on for a very long time and they feel smooth too! The velvet range has a velvety, matte and luminous texture that is absolutely gorgeous on the lips and La Flamboyante is a fiery red with warmer tones – the perfect shade of red for warmer or medium skin tones. You can really tell for it does brighten my face up!
I love how stylish the packaging is as well. You push the Chanel button to open the lipstick. There’s like an automatic spring mechanism inside!
Overall, wow, this collection is completely gorgeous. Here’s the look I created from it! It’s also inspired by the model in the Chanel Collection shots. As you can see, there’s still gold but it’s accented by soft shades of gray and matte black. The red lip pairs with it ever so beautifully.
If there’s anything worth getting from this collection (everything is) but my top pick is that Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in La Flamboyante. It’s the perfect red and just like a little black dress, everyone should have a amazing red lipstick in their collection.
Hope you liked this tutorial! In my next post, I’ll be talking about my new make-up classes called Bloom by Roseanne. If you’ve followed me on instagram, you probably know what I’ve been extremely busy with these past fews days. I can’t wait to share more about it. In the meantime though, check out our facebook, or follow us on instagram @bloombyroseanne or hop onto!