Review: Dior Diorskin Star Liquid Foundation!

Hey Everyone!
I’ve always been more of a foundation girl, much more than bb or cc creams. It’s just that my skin has always been on perpetual breakout mode these days so I feel like I need the coverage and finding a good coverage foundation can be difficult. Some can feel too thick resulting in a cakey mess or others just don’t hit the coverage spot. One foundation I’ve been loving is Dior’s latest foundation – the Dior Diorskin Star that I have been in love with!
I was invited to try out this foundation first at the Dior counters. The Dior sales assistant told me that this foundation is special because of the particles inside that reflect light on all dimensions – similar to how a sphere reflects light. They also had this device at the counter that measures automatically what shade you are. I was a mix of two shades – 010 and 020 but I find that I always pick the lightest shade so I went with the darker one. It’s a little too dark though. As much as I love Dior foundations, I feel like they never have my perfect shade so this ends up being a little darker than I’d like. But the weird thing is, when I first apply it on my skin, it looks really fair.  A few minutes pass, it does change color a little bit resulting in a darker tone. That’s I guess something to keep in mind if you want to get one for yourself.
The texture is great. I love it. It’s perfect – not too thick but not watery as well. It’s able to blend nicely on the skin and it looks extremely flawless. I decided to bare all this time and let you see my pimps. Or pimples. That way you can really see how this coverage is amazing and how it can cover my zits extremely well even without concealer. As you can see, it’s quite fair when first applied on the face. It does however change color a little as time passes – aka it does oxidize I feel.
Here’s my full face. Can you see a lot of the pimps are gone now. You can see their bumps because obviously I can’t hide their 3D shape. Know that I applied it using a synthetic kabuki from 13rushes (one of my favourites) and not my fingers or sponge. I do feel that this kabuki does apply more coverage than other methods so you can actually vary how much coverage you want depending on what tool you use. A sponge produces the lightest I coverage I feel because it does soak up most of it.
Overall, this is a solid foundation that is great. It’s not particularly glowing though – maybe just subtle glow but it’s for sure not a wet look like other luminous foundations. In terms of lasting finish, it does last quite long average of 5 – 6 hours and fades nicely leaving no patches of the sort. You should for sure check it out at dior counters – just do make note of the shades as I’ve mentioned!
Hope you like this review!