Review & Fall Makeup Tutorial: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette!

Hey Everyone!
Fall is basically here and it’s one of my favourite seasons not just because of the pretty leaves but it’s the make-up looks that I love too! Here in Singapore, we don’t get fall unfortunately but that doesn’t stop me from delving into fall colors and makeup! My latest acquisition is the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette from Urban Decay’s fall 2014 collection! You can get it at Sephora and it retails for SGD $52, if you’re curious.
The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette consists of 5 shades that is a mix of subtle shimmer and totally matte. Righteous, Tyranny and Anger are all matte colors while Vengence and Furious have hints of shimmer. It’s the perfect palette for fall because when I think of a fall look, this palette is a classic example. They’re all shades of brown and cream with the exception of a very useful matte black. Along with the collection is a lip pencil, lipstick and nail polish in Mrs. Mia Wallace which is a dark red that I didn’t get. Instead, I dug up Guerlain’s Iris Noir lip pencil to sub in for my lips! Today I’m going to be showing you how to do this beautiful look that will for sure turn heads this fall!
Step 1: Highlight your brows with a light cream like Righteous. This helps to frame your face before you add the color!
Step 2: Use Tyranny (a matte brown) into your crease. This is your transition colour so remember to not go so heavy handed.
Step 3: Use Righteous again to fill in your base shade or all over lid color.
Step 4: Use Vengence ( a dark subtle shimmer brown) to shade in your outer corner and outer v area.
 Step 5: Use Furious (a light cream/white with subtle shimmer) in your inner corners. This freshens the look!
Step 6: Use Anger (a matte black) to define your outer v and also your waterline to really give it a oomph!
b3’re done with the eyeshadow look! Now I’m going to go ahead and finish up with mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick!
Pair this look with your favourite red. I chose a darker red that goes perfect for the fall season. Go ahead and experiment with plum or wine stained lips with this look as well or even a beautiful burgundy. I love wearing bold lips – they really do make a statement!
Overall, I do love this palette. It’s a perfect mix and reminds me of the naked basics but with the ability to go a little darker which I like. Anger is also a better formula of matte black I feel as well. It’s for sure something you should check out! If you liked this tutorial, feel free to pin or share the image below that sums up my tutorial!
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