Tangspiration: How Important YOU Are

Hey Everyone,
Do you know how important YOU are? Most of the time we always underestimate ourselves. I know I always do. I always doubt how much I mean to someone, doubt how much I can do and most of all, doubt what I can do. And I think this really needs to stop. A lot of what we need to achieve in life cannot be done simply because we cannot believe in ourselves. It’s for sure a struggle that I’m still battling.
My question is – Why do we always need to prove ourselves to other people? I always feel sad when my salary doesn’t hit the salary my parents expect from me. I always feel insecure when I feel like I don’t look the part. I feel insuffcient when my job description doesn’t sound like everybody elses. But, Why don’t we turn the tables and try to prove ourselves to…. ourselves. That’s how important you are. You are the only person you need to impress. You are the only person you need to prove yourself to. You are the only person you need recognition from. You are the only person you need validation from.
I remember when I was in the meeting room on the very day I quit my full time job to commit myself to make-up and the very passion I wake up to every single day and I told myself – I’m scared I won’t make it, I’m scared I won’t have enough income, I’m scared to walk alone – but all these fears are feeding the biggest obstacle that everyone faces – that we don’t believe in ourselves. At that instant, I remembered the blessings God put into my life for this very path (makeup school in London, even more that that) and I remember the miracles that he carried out in my entire journey and I just closed my eyes and asked myself – What Do I Really Want? Not what my parents want. Not what my friends want. Not what everyone else wants. What Do I Want? And it was very clear what I wanted. I told myself, Roseanne just believe you can do this and I did. It’s been two years since I made the jump and God has really just put my life into fast forward mode. It’s been incredible and way way way more that I have ever dreamed of. No one else made the jump I had to make for myself, I had to.
When we believe in ourselves, crazy things can happen. Things that can turn your life 180 degrees and it will never be too late for that transformation. Even if it requires ridiculously late nights, a ridiculous gigantic leap of faith or even miracles from God, it can happen. You just have to know it in your heart that you can. You just gotta know that you can do it. You have to have faith in yourself. Above all else.