Scent Favourite: Benefit Bathina – "Just Confess, You're Obsessed" Body Mist !

Hey Everyone!
I confess, I’m obsessed. When I pop the cap open and smell Bathina, it takes me back to my Uni days. I wore this scent during my 2nd year of Uni when my friend gave it to me as a gift. I started wearing it after my shower daily and after that, I loved it so much, I kept wearing it out. For a while until the bottle finished, it became my classic and signature scent. That says a lot since I’m quite picky with..well how I smell.
Benefit’s Bathina is just one of those scents you can’t forget. It’s something that is perfectly sweet and flirty but still complex and complicated. It smells amazing, and to this, it’s for sure an understatement. No joke, girls. So when I saw the new bottle, you can probably say I was thrilled. The old bottle was just a pink tall glass bottle that was pretty generic. Now, it’s looks like a pink genie is going to pop out of the bottle and grant you three wishes. Now that’s an improvement.
Benefit says it smells like bright golden peach and sun-kissed Sicillian lemon, a tumble of white blossoms and a lingering hint of velvet plum. I say it smells like all of the above! It’s a gorgeous scent. Seriously, you needa smell how good this is! It’s just one of those scents that make you smile and be instantly happy.
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