Tangspiration: Good Enough For Me

Hey Everyone,
I had a friend who used to be crazy about a certain guy that she liked so much. She’d go the moon and back and do everything for this guy. He never really cared to be honest and sometimes he’d only want to see her at night. She’d worry constantly about him and she couldn’t stop talking about him. Then one day, she was telling me that she saw him with someone else and she was so upset. She said “Am I not good enough for him?” and then I asked her “Is he even..good enough..for you?”
I’m sure too often than not we find ourselves wondering – am I good enough? How come he hasn’t texted me back? Why doesn’t he like me? Perhaps a friend of yours is talking behind your back but you can’t bear to lose the friendship. You constantly catch yourself saying – “Is it because I’m not good enough for them? Is it me?” If this is you, sometimes we gotta look at things a little differently and turn the tables to say – “hey, wait a minute, wait a frickin’ minute, is this person even good enough for….. me?
We care too much about what people think that we forget what we deserve. Does that guy that you want so badly care enough about you to respect you and not take advantage of you. If the answer is no, then why would you wanna be with someone like that? Why do you think that you deserve a man who doesn’t love you back, who doesn’t treat you well?
You got to love yourself and know what’s good for you. Stop worrying about how people perceive you. You deserve good people in your life who care and respect you, are happy for you and want the best for you and who’d go the extra mile for you when you would do the same. Surround yourself with positive people. Be strong and stand up for yourself. Sometimes it’s really just about seeing things differently.
Love, Roseanne