Two Minute Gorgeous Everyday Hairstyles You Can Do with Curled Hair!

Hey Everyone!
Hairstyles that have curled hair are so pretty. In fact, curled hair can be really versatile because they add volume to your overall hairstyle and make things instantly girly and romantic. I know that we don’t have a lot of time in the morning so here are two hairstyles that use curled hair –  that seriously only take me two minutes. They’re simple and great for everyday but are still able to put a twist in what you do. If you want to watch how I curl my hair, you can do so here!
The first hairstyle is what I call the Sideways Tuck! It’s an adorable hairstyle that is perfect for school or Uni and really, it takes under a minute. After your hair is curled, take a front section of hair. It shouldn’t be too thick but not to thin either, something like this.
Then you want to get a bobby pin ready and you’re going to tuck this section underneath the majority of hair – kind of like a half up, half down but you’re hiding the pinning and section underneath the majority of the hair.
You’re finished! It’s like your hair is naturally like that and doesn’t look like you put in a lot of effort but it’s still really pretty.
Another two minute hairstyle is of course the Sideways Ponytail! You’ve probably seen this look everywhere but here’s how you do it!
Sweep all your hair to one side and tie a low ponytail.
Then take a section from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band, hiding it. Take a bobby pin and pin it underneath so that the section holds over the rubber band.
Fluff things up, and you’re finished!
You can now wear this to weddings or even brunches to your friends!
Hope you have an amazing weekend! Follow me on instagram @roseannetangrs 🙂