Tutorial & Review: Urban Decay Electric Palette!

Hey Everyone!
Today I thought I might do a tutorial and review of the Urban Decay Electric Palette! It’s Urban Decay’s newest palette and it’s so gorgeous. You’ve probably seen it already at Sephora and I’m sure you know that I’m not that popular with such bold colors but it’s really fun sometimes to sit down with something like this and try out different color combinations! So that’s exactly what I did and I came up with this! It’s easy to do and there’s a step by step tutorial!
The shades I used were Freak all over the lids, Gonzo in my outer corner, Chaos in my Outer V, Urban and Jilted in my crease. It’s really about blending everything together and not going really high up on the eye.
Now let’s talk about the Electric Palette! The Urban Decay Electric Palette has 10 different colours, 8 being totally new. All the colors come in this gorgeous sleek case with the most beautiful burst of colors. It is a vivid and dimensional smoke screen of colors that reflect what is inside. The palette also comes with it’s own brush. Don’t toss this one away – it’s the only brush I used fo do the look above. It comes with a small fluffy side and a much thinner paddle on the other. Use the thinner paddle to specifically place color where you need to and the other side to blend things out especially in your crease.

The colors in the Urban Decay Electric Palette are:

  • Revolt Bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter
  • Gonzo Bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
  • Slowburn Bright red-orange matte with floating pearl
  • Savage Bright hot pink matte
  • Fringe Bright metallic teal
  • Chaos Bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl
  • Jilted Bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift
  • Urban Bright metallic purple
  • Freak Bright green with gold shift
  • Thrash Bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl – color description taken from Temptalia 

Each color is infused with a Pigment Infusion System from Urban Decay that delivers soft, creamy and blendable color. I have to agree. I was so shocked when I applied it on my lids for the first time. The pigmentation is crazy and amazing and it’s so hard for these colors sometimes to be the same as what’s in the palette but these for sure make the cut. I am really not surprised though. I have all the Naked palettes and they never dissapoint and the eyeshadows from Urban Decay are always amazing. The colors blend extremely well and are not chalky making looks like below incorporating many shades become really effortless.
Hope you liked this post!  Overall, I really do love this palette. I am very impressed by the pigmentation and blendability of these eyeshadows and getting them so bright and pigmented can be hard. With other shadows, I’m always left wondering why my look isn’t as bold as it can be. Now with this, bold looks are really effortless. Colors don’t need to be scary either. If I have time, I will make more looks with this palette and show you. I kinda wanna do an ombre eyeliner hehe.
Love, Roseanne