Cure to Hover Finger? Visa & List of Online Shops I love!

Hey Everyone!

In a previous post about online shopping, I mentioned that everyone is vulnerable to Hover Finger. It’s that moment when you’re just about to make a purchase and you hesitate because you don’t know if you can trust that store, especially if that store is unfamiliar to you! The worst part is that you might be missing out on a great deal online. For example, you need to get a new concealer which can sell online for probably 30% to 40% less than at the counter. I reckon that is something you don’t want to miss out on.
Well, I wanna reassure you that there is actually a cure for Hover Finger and it is Visa. With Visa, I no longer have any irrational fears about shopping online. So in this post,  I am going to tell you more about Visa and give you a list of makeup online shops that I have repurchased from time and time again.
First of all, Visa is my main credit card that I use. It is linked to my debit card and I have to say they are really amazing. With Visa, you will be protected everywhere!
Why is Visa the Cure to Hover Finger?
1. Visa’s Secure Network
Visa actually operates the world’s largest retail electronics payments system powered by its global secure network (VisaNet). The network has an advanced detection system that scans thousands of transactions every second! It looks for subtle changes in spending patterns that could indicate fraud.
2. 3-Digit Security Code 
There is a 3-digit number at the bank of ever Visa card. It’s called the CW2 code. This code is normally used for transactions when one’s card is not physically present. It’s another layer of protection to prevent fraud before it happens.
3. Zero Liability & Ability to Dispute a Transaction
If you receive damaged,defective or counterfeit merchandise, or if the service does not match what was described, Visa members can actually get in contact with the merchant that sold them the goods. If they cannot resolve the issue with the merchant, the next step is to dispute the transaction by contacting the card issuer.
4. Verified by Visa
Verified by Visa offered through partner banks enables many Visa Cardholders to create an added level of security for online payments by setting a unique one-time password for online purchases. That means extra peace of mind for you and me!
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Online Make-up Stores that Ship International

 1. Mizspa (
Mizspa is based in Hong Kong and has a wide varieity of lux beauty brands that are all really well known. Bobbi Brown to SK-II. I love how they individually wrap the items and have great service when it comes to making  your purchase a gift to someone else! It is also much cheaper than buying the same make-up at Sephora or at the counter.

2. BeautyBay (
When I couldn’t get my hands on Urban Decay in Australia, I always went to Beautybay to get my goods. It’s a very user friendly website and looks just as good as Sephora. The only downside is that shipping does take a while at Beautybay so be prepared to wait.
3. AllCosmeticsWholesale (
This was my all time most seen website when I was in Uni as well just because they are really really super heavily discounted. It’s always hard to find online stores that sell M.A.C but do remember that all items are in US dollars so make sure you convert and prepare for shipping expenses too!
Overall, hope you can defeat Hover Finger with me! I feel a lot safer with Visa which is why I wanted to share this information with you all!
 I am a Visa #HoverFinger #ProtectedEverywhere influencer.