Review: Vaseline Instant Fair Healthy White Visible Fairness Lotion!

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Being fair in Asia is as popular as being tan in the states or in Australia. My mum and sister still wear umbrellas when it’s hot and sunny out and whitening products are common throughout all Asian countries. It’s super popular and something even I love and desire to achieve! Today I’ll be doing a review on something pretty special – the Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion! It’s an affordable and mass market product that is unique because it claims to not only help with melanin formation and hyper-pigmentation over time but it also claims to make you up to 4 times fairer!
The lotion also contains skin lightening bio actives that help you achieve lighter skin over time as well as triple sunscreens that help to lessen melanin formation by protecting you from the sun. I also like how the lotion comes in a convenient pump bottle so that you can quickly use the lotion before sleeping or before you start your day. When you first pump the product out, you get a big dollop of the lotion which comes out as a pink and creamy consistency.
When lightly spread out, it looks really hydrating and it creates this silky white veil over your hand. I love the smell of this lotion too!
After completely blending it out, which takes a couple of seconds rubbing the product in, it disappears but makes you really instantly fairer as you can see. Thankfully, there is no sticky residue whatsoever and even if it leaves a veil on your skin, it does not feel like anything. Basically, the Vaseline Instant Fair is a light feeling lotion that leaves me feeling hydrated without leaving a sticky or heavy residue. It really does make me look instantly fair.
The true test is if we apply it on one arm and leave the other without. Then, we can really compare how much lighter it makes your arm! So here I am applying it on one arm.
When compared, it makes a huge difference! As you can see, before looks a couple shades darker than the after which embarrassingly enough, matches my face of make-up much better.
I took this picture a week ago before I did this blog post when I tried it out and I’m pretty amazed. I love how it does this without making you feel like you’re wearing anything to achieve this effect.
Most moisturisers just stop at goal one – offering hydration and a claim to help make you fairer over time. However, the Vaseline Instant Fair lotion takes it one step further and does actually make you instantly fairer on the spot! It’s great and something I’ve been lathering myself with morning and night. My mum really loves it too!
Thank you Vaseline for sponsoring this post. Have you tried the Vaseline Instant Fair before? What do you think of it? By the way, if you want to try a free sample, just hop on to
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