Tangspiration: It's Not My Time Yet

Hey Everyone,
I’ve wanted things just like everyone else and I’ve tricked myself into thinking I wouldn’t be happy without it. Maybe it’s that $4,000 bag your friend is sporting, or that trip to the Bahamas or maybe it’s just as simple as getting a job promotion.
Something that I’ve totally learnt growing up is that our wants change over time. Something that we totally want right now may not mean much four years down the line. Things that we thought we needed weren’t actually that important. However an even bigger realisation is that maybe it’s just not our time yet to have whatever it is that we want but we can’t have yet. We may want these things so badly, but maybe we need to wait for God to give it to us instead of scrambling to do whatever we can in our human means.
Recently, since my parents are moving, I kinda ‘argued’ with my parents over the decor of the house. I know it sounds unreasonable now but I guess at that moment, I just wanted a space of my own you know. But I remember shutting up when he told me that ‘It’s not my time yet’ and it made me realise just how far we have to go in life.
When my parents were my age, they probably didnt even dream of even having a space to decorate or even decorate at all for that matter. I think responsibilities in a way are time specific. It might just not be time yet to have what we really want but can’t have and maybe we might have it later on in life.
It’s like when I was 16 and I wanted a blackberry. My Dad told me that it’s not my time yet and and yes I threw a bunch of tantrums and I even spent hours trying to buy it secondhand, but I look back now and I had my blackberry when I was 18 when I was in University (only 2 years later) and now its like useless to me and I seriously don’t even know where it is at the moment. iPhone followed and now I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But, back then, I wanted a blackberry so badly. Sometimes things you really want will change over time and things you wanted so badly now might be totes different later on in life. I got what I wanted but it was 2 years later. It was time when I was 18, but not when I was 16.
Similarly, I may want to be at the top of the career ladder but that will happen maybe 10 years later, not now. I may want my business to be ridiculously profitable but that is for later, not now. You see, God really knows when it’s time to give you things and with all things come new responsibilities. If God gives it to you now, you won’t have the experience and capabilities you would have if you climbed the ladder from square one and you won’t be able to handle the responsibility even if He gave it to you. So do what you can where you are now and use what you have for what you’re doing now. Everyday do your best, and God will do the rest.