5 Amazing Ideas on How to Wear Radiant Orchid, Pantone Color of the Year 2014!

Hey Everyone!
So the color of the year 2014 happens to be Radiant Orchid – a fuschia looking purple – according to Pantone. I like the color purple but it’s not something that I wear everyday or think about sporting when it comes to make-up. You would be suprised though that purple does suit most skintones. Although radiant orchid isn’t the typical shade of purple, people’s opinion of the color varies – it could be a lilac, to a fuschia to even a lavender. I thought to myself – what would be uber helpful and I thought a little guide to incorporating this new color of 2014 would be best whether it’s your outfit, makeup and even your nails! Here ya go!
1. Radiant Orchid Laid Back – for those brunch days with your girlfriendsΒ 
1. Make a Statement with Radiant Orchid – for dressier days
2. Radiant Orchid Nails
3. Radiant Orchid Lip Looks
4. Radiant Orchid Eyeshadow Ideas
So there you have it! Hope this little guide was useful to you!