Review: L'Oreal Gelmatic Eyeliner & L'Oreal Butterfly False Lash Wings Mascara!

Hey Everyone!
Eyeliner and mascara are probably some of the most important make-up items any girl could have. Eyeliner thickens the lash line and helps your eyes appear much bigger while mascara adds volume and curls your lashes to open up the eyes. I’ve been trying a few brand new additions to the L’Oreal family – the L’Oreal Gelmatic Eyeliners and the Butterfly False Lash Wings Mascara and I’ve been loving them both so I thought I would share my opinion about them with you all in today. I’ll also be showing you a few fun looks that you can do with colored liners so they don’t seem so intimidating anymore! There’s also an exciting giveaway to win a $300 L’Oreal beauty hamper and an exclusive invitation for you and your friend to a preview lunch of L’Oreal’s next upcoming launch!!
The L’Oreal Super Liner Gelmatic Eyeliners boast one thing – it’s a gel eyeliner in a pen! I used to use gel liners but I’ve since put them aside because they can be such a hassle! I mean imagine having to clean an additional brush every time you use your eyeliner so when L’Oreal came up with these eyeliners, I was so excited. I usually use pencil eyeliners for my waterline and tightline so I’m always looking for something that is waterproof and says on forever. They also claim to have 24hr wear, be smudgeproof and have matte and bold colors. I couldn’t agree more! Here are some swatches of the colours available. They go on super bold, rich and luxurious and my favourite ones are the black, silver, turquoise and blue – actually all of them to be honest.
Thankfully, the Gelmatic pencils are also automatic meaning you don’t have to sharpen them and get shavings all over your outfit. All you have to do is twist the bottom and more of the eyeliner comes out. These are my favourite kinds of pencil liners because it makes them so easy to use.
You might think that colored eyeliners can do only one thing and you’re probably thinking “Roseanne, how do I use more loud colors like blue and gold eyeliner?” Well, the first look I thought I would do is a Kpop inspired Eyeliner look. Kpop stars have eyes just like ours yet they seem to always be able to add colors to their eyes. Most of it is with eyeliner! Colored eyeliner doesn’t always have to be used on it’s own. It can be layered with other eyeliners to create a pop of color. I first used the teal gelmatic liner and lined my lid line and halfway of my waterline. I then used the black gelmatic liner to line my tightline and waterline. I finished off with the silver gelmatic liner to open up the eyes and of course my lashes curled beautifully with the Butterfly False Lash Wings Mascara (which I will talk bout later).
Colored liner is more versatile than you think and it isn’t just for lining your eyes! You can use it as a waterproof, smudgeproof, stay on absolutely forever eyeshadow as well. All you have to do is master the art of blending with your fingers! Here’s a look I did using basically the royal blue gelmatic liner to create an ombre effect on my lids. This is an excellent way if you have monolids and want to use colored eyeliners too. The ombre effect will help make your eyes even bigger.
To create my ombre blue eyes, all you have to do is start applying the royal blue gelmatic liner to your lids. Cover basically your entire lid below your crease. Then, immediately use your fingers to smudge out the liner in an upwards motion so that the darkest is at the bottom near the lash line and the smudged out liner is near your crease. This automatically creates that beautiful ombre effect and it looks just like eyeshadow! If you feel like it’s a bit uneven, you can just dot the liner in the place that is “missing” and immediately use your finger to smudge it out to blend with the rest. I then used the royal blue gelmatic liner again to line my lid line so that the ombre effect is more pronounced. Using the black gelmatic liner, I can then line my lids as normal and ta-da, you’re finished!
Hmmm, what color should we play around with next? I guess all that is remaining is the bronze and gold! For this look, I thought I would take this eye-shadow trick one step further and show you how well these liners can blend! Even though they blend, once they are set – that’s it – you won’t be able to move it. That’s why you need to immediately smudge it out before it sets!
I thought I might do a Golden Autumn look. I applied the gold gelmatic liner all over my lids and smudged it out a bit near my crease. Then, I used the bronze gelmatic liner and applied little by little onto my outer corner to give my lids added dimension. It’s like all you need are these liners. They can be eyeshadow, liners and I guess all you need next is a mascara to basically finish off your eye!
You’re probably wondering what mascara I’m using in these pictures. My lashes stand up on it’s own and to be honest, it’s really one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve tried yet. The L’Oreal Butterfly False Lash Wings mascaras helps my lashes to seperate, curl and add just the right amount of volume. It’s amazing how this mascara doesn’t weigh down my lashes at all!
Here’s a before and after of my lashes. The effect is really special and something I haven’t yet seen in an ordinary or regular mascara. My lashes really look as if I’m wearing lash extensions, but I’m really not. The lashes are not clumpy at all and the mascara separates and holds curl unlike any other mascara I’ve tried before. I highly recommend this!
It’s probably a mix of the brush and the formula. I love the brush, it’s like a butterfly’s wings and the little combs on it help to really lift my lashes! It’s for sure a unique brush!
Overall, I’m really very impressed with the L’Oreal Gelmatic Eyeliners and the Butterfly False Lash Wings Mascara that are new in store. It’s really exciting to see new innovations – having gel liner in a pen and having seriously flutterly lash extension like lashes from a mascara. Both I really think you need to check out the next time you see them at your local drugstore.
Hope you like my colored liner tips and my reviews! and now for the GIVEAWAY!
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